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Found 53 results

  1. Thank you to all that attended, especially our friends from ACC, as well as our Australian and Korean guests. We had over 80 players at peak! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, despite the technical issues with the last mission, and the issues that ACC had with their mods. First we played IFTVT80 Bloody Ridge. From my perspective, we had an initial difficult movement through the forest, before getting in an extended firefight. Then after a few minutes the order to charge was given. With banzai screams all around we charged forward. Even those all those around me seemed to be cut down, I survived by some miracle and dived into a hole to hide a from a grenade. I charged forward again, ignoring a bullet wound to the arm and threw grenades into a bunker. Then pushed past and up on the hill. We won shortly afterwards, the shock of the attack overwhelming the Americans. IFCO83 First Clash – A slow start, although made more interesting by a Stuka that threatened the company periodically. After advancing south, we got into a series of increasingly intense firefights, my personal favourite being when a half track pulled out of a treeline and drove up on friendly positions, before it was knocked out by our AT rifle. As the Company Sergeant Major, I spent most of the mission organising the various company assets, like the Vickers, medics, and the AT Rifle, setting up bases of fire, and supporting the Rifle Platoons as they pushed across the river. IFTVT94 Operation Varsity – I was in charge of the mortar squad. We got to our postion, then ran into problems. As we set up the mortar, we were engaged by an MG42 and our mortar gunner was killed. We tried to suppress, but had no luck with our M1 Carbines and Grease guns at 350m +, and had to fall back, swiftly disassembling the mortar. We set up behind the forest, but didn't have a good view. We fired off our rounds blind, then pushed across into the town, taking fire. As we got to the outskirts, I took a burst of machine gun fire to the chest, and died. IFCOTVT92 Jaegers – Unfortunately this mission was marked with technical issues, with a babel bug and ACC players timing out. This lead to a lot of disorganisation, although I found I got into some good firefights that I did enjoy, particularly when our reorg around an ammo crate was attacked by an enemy fireteam, and I lead an adhoc squad with what weapons we could grab to wipe them out. Later on seeing the platoon fall back under mortar fire was pretty exciting. Overall I'm looking forward to doing more events, particularly with ACC. As an improvement for next time, I'm looking at making it easier for ACC to test their mods before the event. Please post your perspectives, and any videos and screenshots you took.
  2. If you have good stories or video or comments... Post 'em
  3. Had a good time, super fun night fight in mission 1. Good firefights in mission 2. Post em.
  4. Thanks to everyone for coming, we had a solid 8-9 hours of gameplay. Please post your feedback/videos/screenshots/stories here! Missions played: -- IFCO60 Le Roi Raid -- IFTVT63 Ivachev Assault -- IFCO69 Siegfried -- IFTVT73 Chef Du Pont -- IFTVT72 Digger Defence -- IFCO85 Pithy Response -- IFCO60 Blood and Sand -- IFTVT110 Op Mercury Pt1 -- IFTVT40 Officers Wont Work -- IFCO41 Stille Nacht -- IFCO33 Platoon Attack If people are interested in making missions for another event, contact myself, Kingslayer or Headshot via PM or TS.
  5. AAR Replay. http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/706AFFFCC1D83FFDC9275163F6B70FE7 Please provide any and all mission graphics as well as 3 sustains, 3 improves.
  6. AAR Replay. http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/A804CB5DF4EF27649FBDAB05FCD87CD5 Please provide any and all mission graphics as well as 3 sustains, 3 improves. So much tanking.
  7. Mission played: CO34_The_Siege_V1 Island: chernarus http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/81BAC87B3A32C1A1D054AD910E2B9471 CO40_OP_Falling_Sword_V2 Island: Takistan http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/174ED88B7239E6742F46BF6337397B03 TVT55_Badger_Blues_V7 Island: Chernarus http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/5AA805EB14B0ADFC50DF0B799A7702C2 TVT65_Ghost_Hotel_V1 Island: Altis http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/68DEBD919AEBF573CC67AF94BDA2A574 TVT60_Soy_Sauce_And_Vodka_v2 Island: chernarus http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/271098640A5968587B46FC52C810A713 TVT70_Steel_Beats_v1 Island: vt5 http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/D8A525D628AFF83CC4FCCD6E22769C27 CO61_one_bad_dayv3 Island: Takistan http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/DC885E6DA8ECC90A2B994A021556D7ED TVT44_RiestedtFarm_v1_3 Island: WL_Rosche http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/6CA73ED8A84C68B3B674DA1A1077F6DD LOL63_Saracen_Smackdown_V1 Island: kunduz http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/4FBDB7C6E9B9BCA472FF2FC183AB4503 Thank you to everyone who showed up, it was an awesome day of arma, some missions were fantastic, and I hope you all had fun. We're having another event next weekend, OP ROAD WARRIOR, so be sure to show up for that.
  8. Been working on an alternative seeder mission for a while and think now might be the time to share it. This mission is intended to present players an alternative to the other seeder missions found on UO that all share a common gameplay style. With this mission I tried to appeal to those who would rather have a more serious environment based off any other coop mission but which allows for great replayability, different objectives and where they can basically do whatever (following mission and server SOPs) while trying to seed the server. I would like to use this thread to collect feedback to see how the mission concept turns out and how the playerbase received this mission. So if you happened to play it at some point, post comments, critics, pictures or feedback in here. Doesn't have to be of technical nature, you can also post a specific AAR from a specific playthrough. So, what is this about? The name is not intended to be ironic in any way. Expect this mission to move on slowly. It's intend is to attract players who like to do things by the book. Expect less shooting and more planning, preparing and communicating. It is basically a standard coop mission with the difference that you have a home base where you can always retreat to. You also got multiple objectives available that you can choose from. But nothing is stopping you from doing a foot patrol along some roads or the mountains. Honest advice: If you enjoy the current default seeder "Coops" a lot, I advise not to load up this mission. You will probably get bored and when trying to do things fast in this mission, your experience will be very poor and not worth your time. Missions Objectives are custom made and exist from start on. Thus, there is no spawning of enemies and no suddenly appearing structures. All missions are randomized to some degree and thus gameplay experience can vary greatly. Missions are merely a suggestion to the players. You are basically free to do whatever you feel like doing as long as you follow the briefing guidelines. Current available objectives: Retrieving a flight recorder Clearing IED's around populated areas Finding and destroying weapon caches Terrorist Hunt Supporting Local National Army ... Some features:Custom gear that fits each role nicely Limited supplies available (no additional weaponry and other fluff) Briefing areas with custom made textures for immersive in-game briefings Custom ACRE channel names and preset radio channels for all units (no channel switching required upon spawning) A selection of air and ground vehicles Great flexibility for CO's to execute the objectives the way they want Mission can also be played as a normal coop mission with 30-40 players ... Regards, Whiplash
  9. Thanks for attending guys, please post your opinons/videos/screenshots/stories here! Please post any media in here, videos or screenshots with spoiler tags, please.
  10. HERE is their AAR tool. Mission1 was broken but Mission 2 was fun. If you have any good stories or feedback, post it.
  11. If anyone has any recordings of mission and/or screenshot of BLUFOR map screen, please provide it here to assist with forthcoming AAR. Link to AAR Replay http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/7D0AB5DFF051AB2FE6FF1C50398439FC Shout-out to Reddish_Red for executing textbook squad assault on the objective.
  12. I was the Opfor platoon leader for the playthrough of this mission and it went phenomenally well. Opfor only took a single casualty and it was due to one of the BMP gunners getting an itchy trigger finger and friendly firing Sir Mills. I did my best to keep things going well and I think I did a good job, but I also have to commend the squad leaders and vehicles commanders for their roles. They all followed orders well, but still took the initiative when they needed to. Good squad and vehicle leadership were essential to our success. My overall concept of keeping everyone close enough to support each other when they got into contact was executed quite well by the platoon and whenever the enemy showed itself we had multiple soldiers and vehicles engaging and destroying the contact within seconds. At the end of the mission we killed the last enemy in town as he was hiding in a barn and claimed the town of Staroye for Mother Russia. We did lose the T-72 to an insanely lucky (or skillful) AT4 shot from 400m that managed to penetrate the front of the tank somehow and we also lost one of the BMPs to a TOW missile, but the crews of both AFVs managed to dismount safely. We did get lucky that the Bradley missed our BMPs early on in the mission and we were also lucky that it decided to rush right into the bulk of our forces and get blown up. Still, this playthrough of Badger Blues was some of the best Arma that I have played at UO in a long time. I put together an Imgur album that I think gives a decent blow-by-blow of how the mission went for Opfor. Here is the link. Here's the replay of the mission. I'd love to hear some feedback from the other players in the mission as I was never really on the frontline and played the whole thing through my radio. I would also like any videos or screenshots of the mission to be shared too. So please, post below! EDIT: Tinfoil's stream has the mission on it.
  13. Was good, post videos and stories and things. AKA POST EM
  14. 22 Platoon 'Delta' Weapons Leader A plan was established. Plan got altered at the ORP. CO suffered constant disconnects from this point on forwards. 2 SLs failed to visit the Leaders Recce. My Squad was told specific tasks by the 2IC while the CO was absent. Delta Executed said orders. And relyed that the rest of the Platoon would too. Approach to town was with 0 enemy fire. Trigger for my Squad to move into position was NOT issued. Assuming units still on approach we sadly arrived at the SBF a bit late. We did set up targets as adviced before. Contact reports about emplacements with infantry and mortars were issued inbefore engagement. 2IC tried his best to keep the COs plan up, but majority of the Squads were not where they were supposed to be and did not communicate essential informations over the NET. In absence of CO, the 2IC ordered me to shift my SBF to '...immediate north of purple sector...' for better arcs of fire. Assuming 2IC was aware that my teams already had targets and simply was standing by for the order to initiate supressive fire as I had reported previously over the NET, I ordered my team to move to said position. The second we moved the platoon was lit up by the enemy emplacements. Half of my team died or got injured within 60 seconds. Movement was barely possible. Then I died. On respawn I met a full load of round about 18-20 KIAs lining up for transport to the AO (all of which died in the first 1-3 minutes of the engagement). While the rest of my team had to split up, afaik 2 people moved to the nearest cover in town, 2 others 200m north of sector purple. The entire treeline north of purple sector was a death trap, which I was ordered to move to, even tough informing twice in direct and once over NET that Delta Squad would be incapable of achieving anything from this positions as arc of fire towards the now engaging S-E-E emplacements was not possiible as we could not see them from said position. Trying to regroup my Squad in said treeline and explaining why the remainder of my team and the 2IC had to get the fuck out of there, another of my squad got shot. On out way down in the town I died under enemy fire still pointing at the tree line. I ended and spec pen and disconnected. KR Pax
  15. That was fun, if you have any videos or good stories... POST 'EM
  16. I have some Opinions, but because it's late and everyone who has heard me talking about it is sick of it, I will post those opinions later in this thread. Post videos and stories here, or as I prefer to say... POST EM.
  17. http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/141203CDDCD0AFED6D147BA8DDBFB963 Mission seems to have been well-received. If anyone wants to make suggestions or discuss the mission the do it here!
  18. There has been a consistent trend of players on the primary server not properly utilizing individual movement techniques and, specifically, actions on a short-halt. Whenever a squad is halted, generally it should disperse and every team member should move to a piece of cover and concealment. In the above image, there were 4 pieces of cover that the squad could have utilized. Instead, 2 members used one piece (a tree) while 4 members were exposed with neither cover or concealment. The squad leader is responsibility for ensuring that these actions occur. However, a squad leader should rarely have to ensure it is happening because they have team leaders. So it is also a failure on the part of subordinate leadership. Even more so, a team leader should not have to repeatedly tell each team member to stay behind cover because each individual should do that automatically. This type of failure often degrades leadership effectiveness as squad leaders and team leaders spend more time making time consuming corrections to their subordinates and not enough time doing higher level tasks such as maneuver coordination and direct fire planning. It also results in a higher casualty rate. Time and again I see entire fire teams or squads destroyed or rendered combat ineffective by a single explosive round that only has a 5-10 meter kill zone or an entire squad is surpassed because they cannot effectively maneuver as they are clumped together. Please try to make a conscious effort to do the right thing on an individual basis. Team leaders, please help correct and train new members who may not be familiar with these types of tasks.
  19. Advance to Phase Line Red Advance to Phase Line White (1/2) Advance to Phase Line White (2/2) Advance to Phase Line Blue Green 2 Tank Commander feedback: 3 Sustains - Use of graphic control measures. The speed of communication on the company/platoon radio was greatly enhanced by the use of graphic control measures. We knew where the majority of friendlies were at any given time. We were also able to identify, report and action onto enemy contact very quickly through the use of target reference points (TRP). - Direct fire control. Each of our advances enabled the company to have overlapping fields of fire. From phase line red to white, Green Platoon was able to bound with excellent over-watch from the other tank. Coordinated use of different fire patterns (frontal & cross) enabled tanks to clear TRPs from the max effective range of their weapon systems. - Suppression of enemy on and around the objective. Green 2 made contact with an RPG equipped enemy fire team located on TRP 6. After the loss of a friendly M113, Green 2 was able to suppress and ultimately destroy three out of four enemy soldiers and deny them the ability to influence events on the OBJ. *Can members of OPFOR provide comments as to the effectiveness of the other support by fire positions? 3 Improves - Driver to Loader transition. After Green 2 became a mobility kill and without the ability to fix the track, the driver stayed in the driver seat. As a commander, I should have had him switch to the loader seat in order to use to M240. - Rearrange radio nets. Normally Green 1 would have 2 radios. I’m not sure if he did. But breaking up the radio nets into platoon/company might have increased the effectiveness of direct fire planning as more intra-platoon cross-talk could occur. - Battle damage reporting. I did not hear much reporting that dealt with what we actually destroyed. It is hard to asses how to proceed if we all don’t have a clear understanding of what we are actually up against. *Friendly infantry squad at TRP 4. I’d like to hear some feedback from the infantry squad that dismounted at TRP 4. After the loss of the M113, you rallied up and went to TRP 3 then directly onto the OBJ. Would it have been best to do that from the start?
  20. http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/290E11D6BEADA3584D022BFFFE0B1659 Wanted to do a quick AAR on this mission, I wasn't the leader, but this mission played out pretty similar to the last time we played it, with OPFOR (attackers) bogged down in a heavily forested area and BLUFOR (defenders) able to maneuver on their flanks to inflict casualties outside of the objective. We ended up taking the town by the skin of our teeth, essentially what turned into a depleted squad hunting down a fireteam of BLUFOR. I wanted to examine what might have been done different, and common problems I see from the attacking side in a lot of our TVTs, and hopefully give future attacking CO a few things to consider in the future. Lets examine the compositions. OPFOR: Mounted Infantry Platoon Machineguns, RPGs, and UGLs organic to squads. Single armed vehicle with Machinegun and Automatic Grenade Launcher. Mortar support (basically easy-mode point and shoot AI controlled) Advantages: Firepower: When brought to bear OPFOR has a clear firepower advantage to blufor. The grenade launcher on the vehicle can outrange every weapon BLUFOR has, and can inflict casualties on infantry in defilade or behind cover. Mortars also bring a similar advantage, they can hit infantry behind cover and potentially destroy enemy fortifications or buildings. Additionally squads each have a medium machiegun (PKP) which can engage further out than BLUFOR can with 5.56mm rifles and LMGs. Maneuver: Being motorized, OPFOR can move around the battlefield faster than BLUFOR, additionally the GAZ Tigr offers moderate protection against some small arms for its passengers. Numbers: Larger force than BLUFOR, means that they have more men to maneuver and put fire on the enemy with. BLUFOR: Understrength Dismounted Infantry Platoon LMGs, Disposable AT, UGLs organic to squads. Advantages: Cover: BLUFOR is located inside a village with ample cover in the form of buildings. Depth: With a large forest to the north, BLUFOR can engage OPFOR far our from the objective if they attack through the forest, and have a concealed route from which to either withdraw or entrap OPFOR. The objective itself is also quite large, meaning a greater ability to maneuver to respond to attacks from multiple directions. Coordination: Ease of control when the defensive force is largely static, even when casualties are taken, the nature of being on the defense means a smaller force that loses it's leadership can still be effective. OPFOR's Plan OPFOR chose to attack dismounted from the north through the wooded areas and on into the town. The armed Tigr was to provide right flank security on the west side of Chokepoint Cuba. Once clear of the choke point the two squads would then maneuver onto the town and clear it from there. Heres a few issues that arose when we put the plan into action. Flank Security: Probably the number one issue we run into as the attacking force in a TVT. While attacking through the forest offers us concealment and cover on the approach, it also offers the same to the enemy. The fact that we have to maneuver while they can remain static means that it is much harder for attackers to identify defenders positions, and once engaged, the defenders can fix and flank the attackers far easier. Forests also disrupt platoon and squad leadership's ability to control their squads while moving, while defenders can detach small teams to ambush OPFOR and the retreat back to the relative safety of areas they know are secure. The large blue arrows represent the ease in which the defenders could maneuver and ambush the attackers. Placement of Fire Support: Another common issue on the attackers, fire support is often not able to accompany the attackers all the way to the objective, or are often placed in areas that offer no actual support to the maneuver elements. Even on more open and unobstructed terrain, the fire support is left to suppress an area of the objective that isn't even being attacked, so the defenders simply move to an area outside the fire support's ability to engage. While the Tigr could use it's weapons during the movement through the chokepoint, once through it and in the heavier woods it would be impossible for it to engage without possibly hitting friendlies. The large black lines illustrate how the forest easily masks the defenders from outside fire support and observation, and even upon reaching the town, the forest blocked any fire support from reaching the side of the town being attacked. Attacking the "Long axis" of enemy defenses: Often times attacker's seem to want to spread themselves out as much as possible when actually attacking an objective like a town or fortification. On the surface this may seem logical, the larger numbers attackers typically have means they can simultaneously attack multiple approaches. The issue arises that a defender has the inherent advantage in preparation and cover that typically negates the pure numbers an attacker can bring to bear. This means that likely a defender can support adjacent elements, or a single element can simply cover a large swath of the objective. The small blue arrows all represent potential covered firing positions that the defenders could utilize when attacked from the north. Proposed Alternative: Here we see a potential attack from the west instead of the north. This addresses some of the issues with the previous attack. The motorized nature of OPFOR means they can quickly and relatively safely cover the open ground to the step off point, and the terrain they attack over lets them utilize all of their advantages against BLUFOR. Flank Security: Placing yourself in more open terrain indeed sacrifices some concealment from the enemy, but in return you get clear lines of sight to your flanks that means the enemy will have difficulty maneuvering beyond their actual objective. They could still engage from the forest to the north, however the fire support has a clear line of sight on the entire stretch of forest, and the automatic grenade launcher is particularly effective when hitting trees and exploding above an enemy. Fire Support Placement: Fire support is posted directly behind the axis of advance, meaning they can accurately engage enemy defensive positions that would impede the advance of the maneuver elements. While still closer than ideal to the objective, they could still likely overwhelm any defenders who choose to try and engage from either the buildings or the forest. Likewise, as the infantry advances, the fire support can follow directly behind to engage targets further into the town. Clear lines of sight into the objective also means that mortars can be observed from a further distance, taking advantage of their range to pick specific defensive positions to destroy or suppress. Attacking along the "short axis": Here we can see the difference in firing positions defenders can use while engaging the attackers, a smaller amount of buildings means they are easier to suppress and faster to clear. It also means that flank security can be more easily held as the attackers advance through the town, taking away the enemies ability to maneuver anywhere but to their rear. Would this plan have worked better? Who knows. However I hope it sparks some interest in those who take command of missions to best utilize your advantages against the enemy.
  21. Hey guys, This has been played a couple of times and the AAR isn't working for Proving Grounds, was wondering what improvement could be made? Already planning on: - Automatic on safe & team colours - 2 Minute Start Up time Thanks guys
  22. So, the first mission didn't work, Mission two was TVT117 Brutal, after which we played Op Vanguard part 2 (m1a2 vs T90), finaly finishing the night with TVT65 Three Valleys. Here is the plan for mission 1: Thank you everyone who showed up. It would be awesome if everyone could post the planing pics & documents, you guys put in some hard work. A huge thanks to Sgt.Deadly & Gkenny who made the missions we had the most fun on, and to Max who helped overwhelmingly.
  23. Please post AAR for 2st Operation Turkey Punch Mission: CO's please answer the following: 1.) What did you plan on happening? 2.) What actually did happen? 3.) What are three things that went well (sustains)? 4.) What are three things that need work (improves)? --------------- Link to AAR Replay: http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/881A0356B5A74B5107BE7C9D663575F6
  24. Please post AAR for 1st Operation Turkey Punch Mission: CO's please answer the following: 1.) What did you plan on happening? 2.) What actually did happen? 3.) What are three things that went well (sustains)? 4.) What are three things that need work (improves)? --------------- Link to AAR Replay: http://aar.unitedoperations. net//replay/28AE27804B36D8CFC2E13B3A43D532F2
  25. Please post AAR for 1st Operation Turkey Punch Mission: CO's please answer the following: 1.) What did you plan on happening? 2.) What actually did happen? 3.) What are three things that went well (sustains)? 4.) What are three things that need work (improves)? --------------- Link to AAR Replay: http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/D8269E46CDEA383E04C40AE2FA8DB62C
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