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  1. That literally never should have worked. Opfor needs to get better security on their bridges lol
  2. Oh right. I'm supposed to post here too. Formed the fill or whatever.
  3. If they're all Arma1 buildings, won't that mean that the majority of the buildings will be unenterable? One of the biggest frustrations back in Arma2 days of Fallujah was that for being a city that comprised most of the map area, only a select few buildings had actual indoor sections.
  4. Called an elevator up only to discover that a literal horde of player-controlled zombies were riding it. 10/10 would get spooped again
  5. This is much less of an important bug note, but just an amusing little thing. The Bren light machinegun apparently employed some kind of bizarre anti-gravity and hyperspace technology in it's reloading system. Namely, the reload animation involved the magazine at the top literally floating out of the gun and into space, folloed shortly by a full magazine coming down from the heavens and inserting itself into the magazine well. Something funny out of all of this at least.
  6. All of my attempts to try to manipulate any of my radios were met with the game informing me that someone else was configuring that radio.
  7. I guess I'm fighting against my countrymen again. Sort of. Maybe. And I guess I'll be the platoon translator also. >_>
  8. What exactly makes an event official at this point anyway? What with this happening so regularly with a Regular running the gears anyway. That being said, I'll be there.
  9. The official stance as far as I am aware is that Apex is required to play on the server, though in practice the game will only kick you out from missions taking place in Tanoa. The smaller DLC (marksman, jets etc) will not lock you out of any missions, and are not required. User received a warning point for this post.
  10. At least one OPFOR machinegunner spawned with a mysterious 343 radio that was keyed in on the enemy's comms. I'm assuming that him even having a radio in the first place was not intentional since no one else in the squad had them, not to even mention being able to hear the enemy team through it.
  11. I don't know what you are talking about, comrade. That man was clearly a traitor to the glorious motherland. Probably, His only sin was being russian But seriously though, it was actually Delta38 who killed the AI after it started opening up fire through the entire forest with its barrel stuck into a tree and doing other AI things. At least Delta reasoned after we noticed that the thing shared a name with an actual player that there was some bug when the player disconnected (probably during mission going in or something) that caused the game to create an AI duplicate. Or something else of the sort. I feel like I've seen it happen before too, so it's probably not specific to the mission.
  12. Name: Xcenocide Availability Sunday Earliest: 1700z Latest: 0300z Monday Earliest: 2000z Latest: 0300z Tuesday Earliest: 2000z Latest: 0300z Wednesday Earliest: 2000z Latest: 0300z Thursday Earliest: 2000z Latest: 0300z Friday Earliest: 1900z Latest: 0300z Saturday (Only every other week from Jun 17th forward) Earliest: 1800z Latest: 0300z
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