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  1. JB: what's a "red thread"? Is that some traditional term here in UO? But do me a favor: if you don't have a clue what I'm talking about ... how about STFU? That's an option, yaa? (No, I'm not playing your passive-aggressive game ... no plausible deniability here; I know you just lust to bust my balls. But that's not the point. I meant what I said, and I said what I meant.) p.s. a tradition that grammar nazis get promoted here? structure nazis? I'm biased. I have a predisposition. Like I said with BrentP (I state my case. You hate it? Tough turkey.) I have no omniscient view. I'm me. And say so. I wish you could be you. Truly. Straight up. Take that as a dare. It's meant to be a dare.
  2. haaaaaaahahahahaha Ratz, you duh mahn bro'! C'mon guys, you're quick / young / clehvur ... ... follow the lead. Step up and spit yuhr shiet.
  3. Morton Thiokol engineers didn't say "We were too busy to pay attention" in defense of their decision to send Challenger''s astronauts to their death. They weren't honest enough for that. They found the sort of excuses I'm familiar with, from dealing with engineers, and management ... and officers. Want a short course in operational logic? Walk with them through the fatal chain of decisions. Step by step, self-validating logic. Impeccable. The sort of thing I'm genetically incapable of producing. 80/20 ... 80% of the time that chain of lock-step stupidity leaves you still in the chain of promotion. 20% of the time there's flash-back. heh 0.00000005% of the time you shake and bake US astronauts on public TV. (Interrogative: who cares about a grunt?) My decision was good because I was busy. My decision was justified because I was busy. I couldn't take in the details because I was busy, but made a decision that affected others, because I was busy. I pressed forward with the decision we'd reached previously because I was busy. Can you see a pattern here? And I'm the **** who says, "No, sir, that doesn't follow. FMECA says X probability with Y consequences". (And if I don't get heard I shouldn't have accepted the contract i.e. I should not have joined the "community".) I find loose threads. I scrutinize edge cases. I drag a razor blade along miles and miles of logic. And what I get is shit and abuse. /*shrug*/ And that's the way it is. (Oh, why do I do that? Cuz I get good shit done well. Is all) Ethical Decisions - Morton Thiokol and the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster p.s. the republic requires critical authenticity. those of you who object to those terms are the enemy. #JustSayin'
  4. ... it's the emotional thing. Feeling violated. p.s. not sure I'm just kidding!!
  5. With this condition, I'm in. (In ArmA I don't have even minimal on fixed, though I'm fine on rotary.) Comms is my most immediate interest. Fam; FTOps; FTL Dawks
  6. DATE: Saturday, 22DEC2012 0000Z (1900 EST 21DEC2012)I go to the trouble of making good notes ... then don't go to the trouble of reading them properly / carefully / fully. Hence the motto in my sig: Careful hurry ... don't rush. meh me :-)
  7. That was actually req for the first ArmA clan I looked into, USEC. (Sure hope they're still around.)ZLA's docs were great, and probably still are. And the service on the tarmac is ... was (I don't know recently) absolutely ace. FWIW flown by Paul "TutMeister" Tutty, I pilot I think might be better than even Dslyecxi (with all respect due.)
  8. Apologies / regrets: felt the need to check my Events list; read DATE: Saturday, 22DEC2012 and totally blew off the 0000Z. Was online, distracted by friends' suggestion of Wargame; European Escalation on sale at Steam. ^5
  9. ligthert - That's just what I thought when I read the subject, thinking of Ka-50. heh That's pret'near .sig quality.;p
  10. Dawks Famil, FTOP, FTL Yes One note: Until/unless I have audio settings working well I wouldn't step forward as SL but will gladly attend and run as FTL as needed.
  11. This was great stuff. Until I get audio setting working for me I didn't want to step forward and run as FTL. Hope to redo this when things are smoother. One thing I was looking for (maybe missed): placement of SAW as pivotal to formation. thanks!
  12. Connecting with squaddies reminds me of how good ArmA is.

  13. That's what I've wondered about. Camera software should include color correction, right? Sooo exagerate the red and that should do it, no?Not as secure / robust as IR w/filter removed, but a whole lot simpler.
  14. I was KIA in TFOps y'day. I learned later that it was from an Instructor's fire. I'm sure there are consistent rules that can be applied. Like a flat 2D map being pressed against an irregular 3D surface. Which is what life is about. And why God created officers.
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