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  1. Oh boy, can't wait to PMCS this new piece of shit.
  2. By the time we slick sleeves/CIB-less are looking at our 6 or 7, it'll probably change. For now though I think it's most obvious in the E4 with a CIB getting hit up for more than the E4 with a Kuwait "deployment", unless the CIB dude is a shit stain who fucks up a lot, and the Kuwait dude is super squared away. Though who knows, by then we may have another war to go fight
  3. You god damn sell out
  4. I think "Finish the fight" should be stressed a bit more. If you are still actively engaged with the enemy, the most you should do it put on a tourniquet and drag the guy to cover, and even that only if you can do it without getting shot.
  5. Jokes on you, I marched to captain jack for 3 months in basic. Enjoy your 3 month ban
  6. Next weekend is a three day. That's the best you're going to get from me. I suspect it won't be enough :/
  7. I'd like to thank Macaco for being the only active GM for like a 6 month span. He basically singlehandedly kept UO going fueled only by whiskey. True story.
  8. Cataclysm was my entrance into Homeworld games. 5 dollars at a thrift store, great buy, it'll be a shame that it's not here. I would definitely be down for some HW coop when this comes out
  9. Any good must play games that came out in the last 4 months on sale?
  10. Yes it's in colorado springs. I've been told there is a 90% chance I'll be put on an SG team if I do good at my unit.
  11. Yeah. I'm done with basic and on my holiday block leave spending xmas with my mom, then I'm off to Ft Carson first week of January
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