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    Munich, Germany
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    Simulators, Simulators and Simulators. On the other side i am German and we have quite a love for Simulators. Mostly Flight and Drive Sims.
  1. Its free to play for anybody who wants to check it out. I was wondering if someone be interested in doing some multi crew stuff!
  2. Serpent 1-2
  3. TwoFace

    UOAF - BMS #323 - 1900z

    In Hornet2
  4. TwoFace

    UOAF - BMS #322 - 1900z

    In, Hornet , 2nd Element
  5. If we get enough Players TVT53 50 Cal Hype V2 would be great fun
  6. In Hornet 1-2
  7. Now that 3.0 ist out how about we get a Forum Area in the UOAF Tab ? I would love to do some flying with fellow UOSC Pilots
  8. Coming in for the Overhead Break !
  9. IN but would appreciate to have someone to go over some basics beforehand since i didnt fly in a long time
  10. I think its looks great ! Will be using it from now on Thanks
  11. Would love to see these Mods on the Server.
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