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    Simulators, Simulators and Simulators. On the other side i am German and we have quite a love for Simulators. Mostly Flight and Drive Sims.

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  1. Couldnt have said it better. The only thing i can add is that it got boring over time because always the same people accepted the same mission requests from the same people so you would always play the same big tank platoon mission. The push to require Apex killed most of the Community and the rest silently died over time.
  2. Its free to play for anybody who wants to check it out. I was wondering if someone be interested in doing some multi crew stuff!
  3. Serpent 1-2
  4. TwoFace

    UOAF - BMS #323 - 1900z

    In Hornet2
  5. TwoFace

    UOAF - BMS #322 - 1900z

    In, Hornet , 2nd Element
  6. If we get enough Players TVT53 50 Cal Hype V2 would be great fun
  7. In Hornet 1-2
  8. Now that 3.0 ist out how about we get a Forum Area in the UOAF Tab ? I would love to do some flying with fellow UOSC Pilots
  9. Coming in for the Overhead Break !
  10. IN but would appreciate to have someone to go over some basics beforehand since i didnt fly in a long time
  11. I think its looks great ! Will be using it from now on Thanks
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