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  1. Picked it up with a buddy of mine from high school. HC Kill Confirmed? Yes please!
  2. The "teasing" as you put it was not what angered me. The reply of the charter rule stating that if I couldnt take a joke, then i didnt belong here is what did. Now as far as how I reacted goes, I did not respond in an aggressive manner as I did before. I simply stated that not only was I in the wrong but so was he, therefore it should be noted. If Seabass takes it as an offensive gesture then I don't know what to say other than "suck it up". But I'll go ahead and say that from now on let's keep this on topic. As for what Scallops and you suggested, I hadn't really thought of cleaning them up because frankly I had thought if it's something hard to find why go and momick it up? But depending on the reactions I get from buyers about their appearance may change my mind on that matter.
  3. Yeah I was suprised they were even in there and not broken. Pretty cool to find stuff in your own back yard you didnt know was there. Re-read the first word in that sentence bud. Making a smart ass comment to someone asking a serious question. Not a definition of Maturity. Second word, you did not win me over as a friend with your post. Third word, it wasnt fun for me to read your meme mocking my post. Fourth word, you commited no cooperation with me to help establish a solution to my original question. Fifth word, basically re-itterates the last sentence, you brought nothing to the team but negativity. Sixth word, you weren't very courteous to me by being a smartass. So about that. Thank you, pretty sure I've already earned my place.
  4. @seabass .....fuck off If you've got nothing to contribute then keep your mouth shout. Or in this case, your fingers still. Yeah I saw quite a few ebay and other posts about sellers asking around the 55-60 dollar range per unit and was hoping to get some insight on if they were actually worth that much. I looked around trying to find when and where they got used but no luck. But yeah, i know its "just a table".
  5. I actually have a bunch of old military stuff in a shed out back and today I put these tables up for sale on craigslist. Anyone have some knowledge on what year these are from or what they would have been used for? *edit* i r bad spell ar
  6. GTA V has consumed my time. No minecraft for a while.
  7. Meaty

    GTA V

    But I'm old too. So we can be old together.
  8. Meaty

    GTA V

    Expect a pc drop announcement sometime around next feburary. But if you love the series I'd recommend getting it just to see how far R* has come as far as getting better at development. I personally ordered the collectors edition and play to have it consume my life for the next week. I've played gta games since I was 6 and damnit the tradition shall live on!
  9. Perhaps the permission plugins could be sorted out soon? Would be nice to have the commands and to use lava buckets Screens of my current log cabin in the woods.
  10. Meaty

    GTA V

    Kinda late now huh.
  11. Meaty

    GTA V

    I promise to go outside at least for 10 minutes a day after the release of gta 5. ok maybe 3 minutes but no more! I am indeed very excited for this. I'm going to have to renew my xbox subscription for the online portion of the game as well. Anyone getting any of the other editions of the game? (eg. deluxe, collector's) I myself have a collector's edition ready to be picked up from the local gamestop.
  12. Already saw that shitty excuse for a tutorial. No audio ports on my monitor so it wasnt a help to me the first time. Ok thanks inso. I actually thought about it for a bit and realized "hey wait a minute, how the hell will it install the drivers it needs to function. And where is the power going to come from? *FACEPALM*" So i may of actually answered myself a while ago and just didnt speak up. Oh well, silly me.
  13. Ok so here's the deal. I used to play my 360 at my desk and pop the picture up on the monitor. Now the cable is for VGA and it would have the red and white audio ports I would plug into a surround sound system to hear the game audio. If I wanted to now use my awesome HD monitors can I plug in the HDMI cable from 360 to monitor then use a USB headset such as these http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-7-1-Channel-Surround-Sound-Headset/dp/B001O5CCQK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1378494589&sr=8-1&keywords=Logitech+g35 and be able to hear game audio and such? (Don't care about the talking thing as I have teamspeak to talk to people with and whatnot.) I saw plenty of posts about turtle beaches and such but if I'm not mistaken turtle beach makes USB headsets specifically designed for xbox so I didn't know if a different brand would be incompatible.
  14. If anyone has a spare burnout or mirrors edge key id be truely in your debt forever.
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