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  1. He's not the president we need but the president we deserve.
  2. The 1080ti is coming out soon so it might be worth waiting for that.
  3. slotted as autorifle, spawned with akm with no ammo.
  4. Can confirm that the 1070 is pretty good, It will run anything you want at 1440p.
  5. CPU: Intel core i7 4770k OC 4.5Ghz RAM: ddr3 1600mhz 16 gig Video Card: GTX 1070 Game Resolution: 3840 x 2160 SSD: Yes OS only OS: Windows 7 Motherboard: z97a Remarks: Honestly not as bad as i was expecting, the great arma 4k experiment continues! Will it be practical? I have yet to find out!
  6. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/txC723 This is what I threw together. I took the counts advice and threw in a place holder graphics card and left 500 dollars in the budget to buy the 1070 or 1080 when it comes out. Also Fiio E07K Andes USB DAC and Portable Headphone Amplifier Black If you care about sound at all. Motherboard sound cards do a good job these days though.
  7. Pascal 16nm architecture graphics cards are coming out sometime this summer with the 1070 and 1080. If it is even half as powerful as the recent specs they have been boasting, it might be worth waiting for them to come out.
  8. It has been a rather hectic few weeks on pvp usa. One of USA's larger clan has completely fallen apart, with a large number of members joining the pirate faction. Then they went and took a few ports in the east Bahamas. The french have made a rather surprising comeback. They have completely taken Puerto Rico from the British. To make matters worse for the poor brits, a significant number of their members appear to have defected to the dutch. Judging by the 15 1st and 2nd rate dutch ships sitting outside USA controlled Tumbado just east of the Yucatan. Speaking of the dutch they have been worming their way up to the Yucatan presumably just to fight USA as many of us are based in that area. As for the USA we have lost much of cuba, with the Spanish taking a few ports and the British fighting hard over the rest. We have attacked several ports on the south side but the fight is tough. The USA is also in the process of taking all the Spanish ports in the gulf coast. Overall the surprising dutch resurgence is leading to some hard fought battles on the USA side, as they have far more ships of the line than any of USA clans can muster. Z Map as of 3/24/2016
  9. Yes surprise the Americans do well on the American server, however the brits are still the most powerful faction on the server. If they didn't have to fight on multiple fronts, we would not be doing so well.
  10. Bah, pvp two USA all the way!
  11. Got this game a week ago, and have already put more hours in it than i care to admit. The freedom hating Brits have started their incursion into cuba, but the mighty usa have rallied together to push them out. The pirates are no longer a significant threat, the Spanish are confined to only a few ports. The french are doing something and the swedes try their best with their zerg. The mighty British run. Reduced to taking neutral ports. USA shall conquer all! We shall never forget conttoy. USA USA USA
  12. Well its been rather enlightening to see what Europeans thought of the EU. I always thought it was kinda neat.
  13. Didn't record acre sound for some reason.
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