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  1. Damn? chill dude.. Suffocation seemed like he was more interested in the topic, so i thought maybe he would check it out?..
  2. Read this mate http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?104514-J-S-R-S-1-4-3/page596
  3. hey guys some JSRS response "Nonsense, JSRS is running clientside, so it shouldn´t cause performance issues in MP. Brig 2010 never had perf issues with high playercounts" "Ok, how can a mod impact performance for a host system IF the host system uses ONLY signatures and basic server-side mods??! If someone hosts a game, and he/she complains about performance loss, this is because he/she is actually playing while hosting or doing something else wrong. Mod signatures were made for a reason. JSRS is IMHO client-side, and doesn't effect multiplayer gameplay for others whatsoever (except those who have JSRS themselves) It's "just" a complete sound files replacement pack with some neat tricks on how to add some effects as well. Saying that server slows down because of JSRS is pile of c**p, unless that someone who hosts the game actually plays on host machine and downloads p**n at same time." Dont want to start a argument or something like that, its just that it could be awesome! ) - Cheers!
  4. yeah me to.. i just asked lordjarhead(JSRS devoloper) and he said that he's beta testers say something else with the 1.5, so maybe the UO admins or whoever should give it a go?
  5. ok thanks for the reply anyway.. too bad, too bad )
  6. Argh i see, too bad.. But wasn't that like the 1.4.3 or something like that? - thanks for the "better" answer
  7. Hey Guys, i was just wondering if the UO server is going to use J.S.R.S 1.5 when it is released later this week? would improved the server/game sooo much i think ) Cheers..
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