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  1. Hello! We will join with 2-4 pilots . A-10C or KA-50. But we are not sure yet if we will be able to provide server cause it had a crash yesterday and it remains down . I hope we will fix it today See you guys
  2. Hello! We can bring 2-4 Hawg pilots for tomorrow Please tell me if there are any KA-50 available too . See you there!
  3. Great mission We had a nice evening! Joined as Pig flight and completed our 1st task .We then had to RTB cause I thought that we were flying at 18:00 zulu time so we were 1 hour late to the party My squad mates didn't beat me after this so we will be available for the next one
  4. Hello! I think there will be 2-4 pilots from the 373rd available for A-10C .Are there any available slots? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello! Unfortunately I have not the exact number of pilots from my squad but I can say we should be around 6. I think we will prefer to take first the fighter slots as we train the last days for A-A battle and then the Ground Commander and A-10 or SU-25 slots. As for the mission we must give credits to mwd2 (Ghost) as he designed the mission some months ago.
  6. Hello .The 373rd will be there .I will post our pilots asap. We have a mission that Panthir designed.I can send it to you to check it out
  7. Hello guys! We really enjoyed the event! Thanks again! I think the ground battles were epic... You could see everywhere destroyed tanks and smoke I had a hard time against the T-80's and when I tried to counter attack the enemy KA-50 (Verox) arrived to take my last hope away ... I almost cried when I saw these BMP2 & T-80 groups marching to the West We are looking forward for the next one. Panthir has designed a mission (Name : Up to the end ) in which the scenario is to take out the enemy's tanks but the distance is smaller than in Frontline Kareli. We could send it to you to check it if you like . See you soon
  8. Hello all! Sorry I was a little busy and didn't make to post. We will be there and can provide the Server to host the mission. Greg : Ka-50 & Ground Commander Geo : Ka-50 Spanker : F-15 or SU-25T or SU-27 Talos : F-15 or SU-25T Chrico :F-15 or A-10C Daredevil: F-15 or A-10C Panthir : A-10C or KA-50 or SU-27 F46: A-10C It would be great if we could join in one side but of course that depends to the final number of participations. Force I will make you an account to our International section
  9. Thanks guys for the event! The mission was really nice! Had a great evening first with the KA-50 and then with Combined arms. We will definately will be there in the next one I also hope that any connection problems will be sorted out especially with the new patch .I think some guys had CTD's in the beginning.
  10. Hello guys! I would like to sign up our pilots for the mission : -Chrico : A-10C/F-15C -Daredevil : A-10C /F-15C -Panthir : A-10C /F-15C or SU-27 -Vaggos : A-10C/F-15C or SU-27 -F46: A-10C -Talos : F-15C or SU-25T -Greg : KA-50 -Geo : KA-50 -Petritis : KA-50 (Not 100% sure if he is going to make it) I informed the guys about SOP's and rules . Thanks in advance!
  11. Copy!Thanks I will tell the guys. So we would like 4x A-10C slots and 2x KA-50. I told GR (Lock on Greece) to sign up too so that they reserve their slots. See you!
  12. Hello guys! My squad (373rd) could bring up to 6 pilots/CA users for Sunday. Another Greek squadron told me also that they may have some available pilots. How many slots could we get in total? Thanks in advance.
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