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  1. Hey guys, I'm hopefully coming back to UO to play with yall. Last time I played was around 4 years ago, and I fear that most people I played with are long gone. I joined in 2011 and played on and off until Arma 2 died. Just trying my hardest to try and get all the mods working, which will hopefully happen at some point. Anywho, hello to everyone! And if anybody remembers me from the Arma 2 days then hello also!
  2. Hello friends, After about year of absence I have decided to return to UO - there was no reason for me to stick around while ARMA 2 died/ARMA 3 was stagnant, but now it looks as though the tactical scene in ARMA 3 has fully developed and so I think it's time to play again. Most of you won't remember me which is understandable, but if anybody for some reason does remember me (hopefully fondly) I'd like to say thank you and I look forward to playing with you again Cheers, Rory
  3. TVT24 Death to Ivan v1.0
  4. TVT24 Death to Ivan v1.0
  5. Name: Rory Class Requested: Mortars, M119, JTAC Days Requested (optional): Times Requested (optional): Special Remarks: I know the 119 isn't being offered any more, but if there is some way you could possibly do a one-time course for it I'd really appreciate it. I did it last over a year ago and really need some brushing up. As for mortars, they are used in a lot of the missions currently and we don't have many people competent with them (including me). JTAC as always is useful in any mission with air assets.
  6. Please play harbor havoc, it's my favorite mission
  7. In-game Name: Tacticalretreat Do you want to lead?: NO Q.C.C.: (Questions, Comments, and Concerns go here) Please note this is not me, I have already signed up. My friend Tactical can't seem to be able to make a forum account so I'd like to sign up for him.
  8. In-game Name: Rory Do you want to lead?: No Q.C.C.: This will be my first match since around December, so I would prefer a private rank, something which doesn't require leadership.
  9. Along with Ruben and Mr2, Kazu is one of the friendliest, tactical and funny guys I have ever met. He helps others when they need it and knows how to lead. Also, he makes great missions
  10. Really looking forward to this game. Played the original quite a lot and hopefully the sequel will live up to my expectations.
  11. I happen to play a lot on both weekdays and weekends and you don't pop into my head, sure I have seen you on the server but you have never stood out. Have yet to see you in a leadership position.
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