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  1. Cheers for all the input guys, have condensed the main points below in case staff members/regulars are able to pick up on this. Summary Points: Sessions would work best on a bi-weekly basis, if not longer to allow for good planning/breathing room. Use of the event notification on Steam to provide a quick heads up. (suggestion by Maffa) Presence of regulars would be a great help, not only for order but a greater tactical emphasis. (suggestion by sovietpolarbear)
  2. This is correct, and I think we can make a good start by all being on, then naturally it will grow. A few people went to the effort of seeding yesterday and it went really well. Yes sir and it was fantastic. Maybe see you guys tonight.
  3. That's correct. I think it used to be every two weeks or so, which regulated well.
  4. Good to hear guys, maybe see some of you tomorrow, I'll be on. Miss the old WAC missions we used to run. He's gone?
  5. Hi Guys, Today might be Blue Monday but I was wondering if the concept of Tactical Tuesday is still live and well at UO? I noticed that the player base and playtime's are somewhat fragmented compared to a few years ago, but it would be great to join you guys for a series of well led and seriously played missions. (perhaps even campaign style like OP Vanguard) Let me know what you guys think.
  6. Can not say I enjoyed this at all guys. Spent close to two hours slotting, multiple briefs and then an entirely new mission while being told the planned ones were being fixed. Also numerous clowns in teamspeak, blasting audio with no real admin presence to kick/ban said individuals. - I know my opinion will generate a fair bit of hate, but I would have much preferred to stick with the original plan. Aside from that, thanks to the mission makers/organisers. The battalion assault seemed like a great concept and I hope we get to revisit it soon. (I'm happy to participate in any additional testing that may be required to get the missions back up)
  7. Still in nowhere land. :(

  8. This was nice to read, Albatross is good people. More importantly it is my firm belief that using the powers bestowed upon him, they will be used with good intent to supplement and encourage the driving force that is the UOTC. (as witnessed based on actions from the past and present) Additionally, while there are a few minor concerns, displayed by individuals, it is hard to see how any malicious intent (thus supporting only progress) could come from assigning passionate community members towards a role that clearly requires input from multiple sources. This can only be a good thing and I look forward to the long run implications of a more rounded UOTC and perhaps even a change of outlook on the standards held by the community in general.
  9. Sweet, thanks for the change. Happy to take the UH1H under the scout role for BLUFOR.
  10. Sweet mother of articulation, yes please. If the scripting works for the radar, surely there could be potential?
  11. This game loos awesome have been following it for a while. The only thing is that I'm a little confused if its one big world or not, kinda' like EVE? That would be epic especially if you could fly around the galaxy and have combat inside space stations and what not. EDIT: Did some reading, seems legit except for the fighting inside haven't seen anything on that. My god, everything about this game appeals to me. And IMHO it is a space sim, just where fictitious content has been added it has been done so in a "realistic" enough manner.
  12. Got the Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals for my PMDG simulation on FSX and they work just fine. Good strong build, firm hold on carpet or tiles and can take more than enough rough handling. (also adjustable depending on the size of your feet, and mine are huge) Not too sure about the others though as I have had no personal experience with them.
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