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  1. CO16 RAID Military base V4 - Broken End Conditions.
  2. Welcome, welcome! Can't wait to see you on Friday and Saturday!
  3. Welcome back! Friday and Saturday are the main days. Sadly no, but it is something that should be brought back.
  4. Changed to no. Respecting AC's wishes.
  5. Thank you James for your nomination, and your kind words. I gratefully accept your nomination.
  6. CO27 First Contact V1
  7. CO33 Angriff Schwemlitz V3
  8. CO27 The Ambassador REMAKE V1
  9. Awesome - I can't wait to hop back on.
  10. Hello - Welcome! Three of my favorite games!
  11. Impulse knows about this issue. There has been some updates on discord.
  12. Welcome back! VR rig? Total immersion if you hop on Arma 3.
  13. Thank you to all who made this event happened. I had a blast, and I can't wait for more. There were some hiccups regarding ACE, but everything turned out good in the end. I enjoyed all the missions, and thank you to the mission makers for putting the time and effort in.
  14. Thank you, James, HitTheMan, and Matty. Glad to be back!
  15. Hello, Its MasterBlaster again, and I hope to return once more to United Operations. To offer an explanation of my abrupt departure from the community, as early this year I was voted in as regular, and I failed to post a LOA. Just a little after being voted in, I ran into troubles at home. Without going into full disclosure what those might be, I will just label them as addiction and debt. Just to make it clear, it had nothing to do with drugs. It became one of those things when something started out small and gradually rose to become a major issue and where I had to step in and attempt to stop it to the best of my ability. This is when things became complicated within my life, so I had to depart UO and attempt to deal with them, personally and mentally. I do offer those an apology for my departure, after not long being voted in. I hope to reattach myself to UO and continue to play freely without any issues. But overall, I just wanted to inform you all of my return, in hopes in getting back into Arma 3. Thank you. Master
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