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  1. Looking at the AAR-Animation, it appears that BLUFOR spawned way too close to the downed pilots. Considering BLUFOR also has air-capabilities, it was way too easy for them to win the mission in this specific setup. Our unit on OPFOR side had nothing to do at all, didn't fire a shot. Maybe it would make more sense to actually put OPFOR closer to the downed pilots, in comparsion to BLUFOR. That would make sense, since the pilots were shot down in enemy territory, so OPFOR units should be able to respond faster. Additionally, OPFOR has no air-units, so if they actually capture the downed pilots first, BLUFOR would still have the chance to ambush their convoy and save the downed pilots. BLUFOR could then use the air-units to transport their units to a ambush location rather fast. The transponder would probably help them figure out the route OPFOR is taking on their way back. Do the transponders send permanently and update their position on the map in real time, or is there a delay for the position of the marker on the map to change? Maybe it would make sense to increase this transponder delay and decrease it's accurance (maybe dependent on the speed the pilots are moving) to make it more difficult for both teams to find the pilots. Also, did the pilots have radios to contact BLUFOR? Maybe it would help balance the mission further, if the pilots radios were "broken" so they can not get in direct contact with BLUFOR. Overall I really like the concept of the mission, it just didn't seem very balanced the one time I played it on OPFOR side.
  2. Is there Multiplayer where multiple players can crew one submarine? Maybe even multiple crews at the same time, fighting together or against each other? Looks very interesting, especially the fact that you are able to move freely on the boat and manually control switches and levers. Reminds me of Silent Hunter, which is pretty awesome too.
  3. Just gonna leave this here. Pretty much sums it up.
  4. I had a Logitech G930 running for a really long time, until they literally fell apart on my head after several years of daily usage (the plastic earcups broke off lol). They are made of plastic, but to me they were very comfortable with soft padding and great noise-cancelling. I could barely understand people talking to me in person, even when they sat right next to me. In my opinion the G930 also has fairly good audio-quality in surround-mode. The bass is very strong, a lot stronger than on the GameCom 788 I have now. Especially in ArmA and Battlefield I was always able to clearly hear enemy footsteps and whispering and make out the exact direction where noises are coming from. The G930 also has some really nice buttons and features, like the microphone-muting when you put it straight up, programmable keys and a volume-wheel on the headset itself to control your volume. The GameCom 788 only offers a button to mute the microphone and a button to increase/decrease your volume. Oh and the G930 has properly adjustable Sidetone, so you could hear yourself while talking. Without that functionality, you would be yelling all the time because you are unable to hear yourself through the noise-cancelling padding. The GameCom 788 does not have this Sidetone function, which makes it really difficult for me to get used to it. The only downside on the G930 was that the wire-less function started to not work properly anymore during the last year of usage, it kept loosing the connection at random times, even with the USB-adapter right next to me on the desk. Before those problems though the wireless-functionality was a blessing, I could walk around my entire apartment and even go a floor down without loosing connection or loosing any sound-quality, and I could use the built-in buttons to use the PTT-function of TeamSpeak, so I would still be able to communicate. The batteries would charge fairly fast and last for a long time, even if they would go low you could just connect the USB-cable and charge them while still using them at the same time. Sound-Quality is obviously a subjective perception, so this only represents my personal opinion. I like strong bass when explosions go off, but I also like to hear silent whispering and be able to locate the direction and distance where it is coming from. The G930 did all of this for me, but the GameCom 788 is also a good headset, but it is obviously missing some of the functionality and bass that more expensive Headsets have.
  5. Thanks Briland, that solved it! How to solve: - Don't use Play WithSix anymore - Use ArmA3Sync - Make sure you have UOMAPS_A3_CUP downloaded
  6. Hello. Haven't been playing in a few month. Tried to play today, got the following problems: - When launching with PWS I get the error "Addon 'FDF_Isle1_a' requires addon 'CAData'" on startup, but the game launches anyways. - When I use any Addon Maps I get additional error messages that are informing me that "CAData" is missing. - When I load into the Map, all trees and other objects (apparently CAData stuff?) are simply missing, leaving me in a mostly empty world. - ArmA 3 Default Maps are working just fine. - I am able to connect to UO Server, on some Maps I get massive lag. On others the game runs fine except for all the missing objects. - I deleted all Mods and let PWS redownload everything over night. Did not solve the problem. - I validated the ArmA 3 Installation via Steam, every seems to be fine too. - I read that ArmA 3 Devs renamed a CAData folder a long time ago, but I have been playing just fine after that. Does anyone know how this problem could be solved, or what is causing it? Should I try to do a full reinstall of ArmA 3, or am I just missing a folder or file that can be added easily? Thanks in Advance, Andy
  7. Well I am pretty sure a huge island would be used very often. As you said, every map is different in their own ways and allows for different types of scenarios. The Australia map seems very unique as well as it offers very diverse types of terrain and even some urban areas with buildings. Would love to have this added, but I think some other content would have to leave when I look at the file size.
  8. If RHS and BWMod are biting each other, wouldn't it still be possible to have missions where the [bug-critical] content of those mods is seperated? Missions with BWMod only and missions with RHS only might be an alternative, so we could have both.
  9. Good job zumorc, that looks awesome and I am looking forward to it! Thanks for hosting this event! Why can't this be official, I thought there are officers for this kind of stuff.
  10. It's hard to explain as I am not sure if I understand it fully myself, but you must "update" the variable on every client via "getVariable" everytime you want to use it. It does not update itself "dynamically", you always have to ask the current status via "getVariable". I believe setVariable is more usefull for more complicated things like strings and similar. If it's just a true/false thing you might also try to use publicVariable as it updates the Variable dynamically on all clients at the same time. You don't have to update manually with another command. As the name of the command already tells you "setVariable" is setting a variable inside of an object, a keyboard in your example. Every time you want to use the latest value of this variable you have to retrieve it from said object via getVariable. The "publicBoolean" just decides wether this value can be retrieved globally from all machines on the server or if it is just local to the machine that used the setVariable command.
  11. [A.2] Syntax: objectName setVariable [name, value, public] public (Optional): Boolean - Only available for Object types and (since Arma 1.48) for missionNamespace. If public is true then the value is broadcast to all computers. So yes, the public Boolean tells the variable whether it's public or not. Setting it as public will change the value globally for all players and server. But it doesn't change dynamically, you always have to request the current value manually via getVariable. Another option is "publicVariabe" which works differently and broadcasts the variable to all machines on the Server without the need to request the current value. Using publicVariable too frequently in a given period of time can cause other parts of the game to experience bandwidth problems. I don't know if the same applies to getVariable/setVariable.
  12. Pax and I have been playing it almost since it came out first. A lot of improvement till then, they have regular Dev-Blogs which is really good. Considering they are only two brothers working on the project they are having some big progress! I can imagine it being much more fun if you have a full player-crew, but as mentioned it still lacks some in-depth features and diversity. Enemies seem veeeery hard too, but we haven't really tried many different tactics and weapon-systems.
  13. I have always tried to participate in trainings and I believe in taking the same courses multiple times to grow more confidence in specific tasks and situations. I also believe that PR is a reaaaally big deal in the area or training courses and I have suggested multiple times that courses should be announced regularly on the News-Sections and on Teamspeak to grow awarness of said Training Courses. Even though I have suggested it and the responsible officers have acknowledged said suggestions, nothing has happend. (It's sad to see the News-Section being completely dead, I believe theirs a lot of potential for PR and interesting articels evolving around UO, ArmA and the development of mods). I believe the lack of participants also comes from their lack of awarness as it is almost impossible to know about courses unless you specifically look for them deep in the forum. The News-section helped me to get an overview of the scheduled courses for the coming week. Also, as Jimbo mentioned before training is essential for this community... so why not prepare some really interesting courses and just shut down the Primary on one Prime-Day/Time to encourage ALL players to join trainings? I believe most players would enjoy proper training.
  14. Oh yeah now that you mention it, can we still access the live Server Log to check for teamkills and similar as proof for bans?
  15. Very interesting find Pax! I really like their #1 goal, something that unfortunately appears to be lacking in current ports which seem to be oriented towards quantity instead of quality. animated fire-selector switches.
  16. Are there any plans yet for Regulars to make all this an SOP or the Officers to make it somewhat official? I believe this should be stated clearly somewhere in a public place so everyone is on the same page.
  17. I think this is a very difficult topic and quite frankly I believe the solution almost entirely lays within the motivation of the missions-makers themselves. There is more than enough documentation, tutorial videos, frameworks and direct help on TeamSpeak for everyone to get their stuff done right provided they are really interested. I think some mission-makers might have the mindset of "quantity over quality" when they try to make missions really fast and slap them on the server just to start working on the next one. Obviously there can be no SOP to force a certain mindset on the mission-makers, but we do have the choice to decide which mission gets on the server and who is allowed to upload them. As it has been mentioned before in this thread I do believe that a system similar to the "3-strike-system" might be useful again, maybe in a slightly altered way (for example: allow people with "3-working-missions" to skip the review process). Also mission-makers might require some more positive feedback and encouragement; for example useless and insulting comments on missions should be removed and the author punished so that this kind of behavior stops. On the other hand good mission makers should be awarded things like little TeamSpeak tags or a "Mission-Maker of the Month Award". Generally I do believe this is a problem that needs to be solved by the men in blue (MM Officers) by establishing SOP, review-teams, awards and filtering out the bad mission-makers. Additionally there should be a generalized technical guide to teach mission-makers every single technical aspect of a regular mission step-by-step; this does not include unit-placement, waypoints or general mission design but instead all the technical aspects like common mistakes in scripting, naming of files and usage of gear-scripts. Also it might be useful to have a step-by-step guide on how to test missions and find the most common errors and mistakes. Yes, there are guides and documentation in place, but written by many different people in different places and different styles. It would be useful to collect all the information and have all the skilled mission-makers and officers work on a uniform document (maybe Google docs, like the UOTC handbook) that will be updated and kept up-to-date and contains all the needed information in a organized manner.
  18. That's absolutely true, but I believe it would be better for the future to remove low-quality content now when there is only a handful of missions anyways, instead of doing it later and having literally hundreds of missions that break; because quality over quantity, right? Also, it should mostly be replacing Unit-/Item-classnames in .sqm and .sqf files which could be done in an automated way or by using notepad++ 'search and replace'. But I believe that doesn't belong into the BWMod thread so I apologize. Generally I do not think it is a good idea to have mission makers spend their time on making "concept" missions that nobody is going to play, just so they might be added some time in the future. Additionally those missions would then again require major reworking to adapt to new versions and the Primary which quite franky, is wasted time. We don't have much missions so it would not be wise to have the mission-makers concentrate on missions that we don't get to play on the Primary. I think we all understand that BWMod has bugs and compatibility-issues at the moment and nobody wants it to be added in that state, but we do believe that when a stable version releases it would be a great addition to our modpack. Better discuss and decide such things now so we can have it on the server when said stable and compatible version releases.
  19. Wasn't aware of all the bugs, I always was under the impression the BWMod was as heavily developed as RHS. Quite sad to hear it's just such a small team, I remember the BWMod from ArmA 2 being really awesome! Looking at the file-size and the additional content that would have to be downloaded through the modpack, wouldn't it be a better option to remove all the ported [and partially broken] low-quality content from ArmA 2 that tries to sporadically represent a handful of units from many different nations and replace it with higher-quality content that focuses on one nation and therefor allows for more detailed and immersive scenarios?
  20. Some feedback about those addon suggestions would be nice. Like RHS this seems to be very high-quality and covers an entire nation so I believe it would be a really valuable addition to the modpack and offers new scenarios!
  21. I would like to ask for clarification regarding some topics in Zeus Missions. For the purpose of the following questions, a brief description of the terms Zeus and Player: Zeus: Zeus is creating, preparing and executing missions for the actual Players, and has access to Zeus-functionality. Players: Players are considered the units actually playing the missions created by Zeus, they are slotted as playable BLUFOR and have no access to Zeus-functionality. The Commanding Officer (Player CO) is therefor leading those Players. 1.) In a Zeus Mission, who is in charge of the complete mission and what is the Chain-of-Command? (Admin, Commanding Officer (Player CO), Zeus) 2.) To what extent can the Commanding Officer (Player CO) issue commands or request to the Zeus? 3.) Is there a limited or suggested Player-Zeus ratio? 4.) In accordance with question #2, is it possible for the Commanding Officer (Player CO) to request for Zeus to slot into Playable-roles instead? If not, are there any administrative measures that can be taken/requested to ensure a useful ratio between Zeus and Players? 5.) To what extent is a Zeus allowed to interfere with the Mission after it has already started? (replacing broken assets, spawning additional assets and similar).
  22. Awesome, they look really high-quality! Looking forward to shooting at them in game! Is it also possible to have the same/similar units as civilians?
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