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  1. I can only second this... Without the fun part.
  2. Sweet... I will be on later if anyone want's to play a little
  3. Agreed... Anyone who wants to play add me.. I just changed my name... KirbyTheHerbie.. If that doenst work add Kirbyolsen1986
  4. I like to play squad deathmatch if i know the 3 other players.. That could be cool also... But my main focus is to find people to play some people that want to play 5v5 matches. Love it
  5. Good to play with you... Would be great if we could get 5-10 people along on the idea.. I remember that BF3 was well visited by members in here. 5v5 matches would be awesome, or even just some squad play on normal servers.
  6. i will try and start it up and very my actions with pictures... No pictures right now... But following actions work for me Pressing No > No > continue No problems with Arma or TS.. Been doing this for a while now..
  7. i get the same message... Just pressing No > Continue makes arma fire up with no problems...
  8. Use to live on Bornholm for 10 years (The 2 place) moved in 2013, and still have a house over there that i rent out. Pretty cool island that I could recognize a lot of places when i played it.
  9. Voted yes. Arma or no Arma, UOAF people say that it's a go. Then that is good enough for me. As it has been voiced many times before, we are not strictly Arma here in UO. If she has a vote or not in Arma related subjects is the same as saying that none from UOAF can be regulars because they play more DCS or BMS.
  10. I've silent in this thread, but now it is time to reveal how far along I am. Did this last year in Kandahar with Members of USAF while working together with them.. They however were jealous that I could continue my beard. Can only get it to drop box right now https://www.dropbox.com/s/jlk71y1fttxszzs/IMG_0488.jpg?dl=0 Might have a just mustache picture 1 april, haven't decided if I will continue the beard yet
  11. It's very different from country to country. In the US you can get sued for taking action where as in Denmark you can get punished for NOT taking action, but never for taking action. Many people still believe here that if you do certain things you get punished, but this is not true and have formed around "urban legends" kinda deal.
  12. It's not dying, as Impulse is saying we are undergoing a certain period of adaption where we are waiting and hoping for the next major stable build so that the mission selection can grow. So I think it is good that peak hours are in the weekend because if we were to play all day everyday, people would get bored of the few missions that actually work.. So hang tight an join for the fun hours during the weekends.
  13. That is true. That would be a point to check before doing. Sorry for not pointing that out incase that was the case!
  14. Not really, had the same problem and that fixed it.. Would think that usual checks had been done beforehand..
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