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  1. Yes thank you for taking time out of your day to help us either learn or re-learn the information. Just as a reminder if someone would want to fix the sign for one of the formations that you said was wrong just so you guys arent teaching the wrong information. But other than that, everything went smooth and I rate 5/7
  2. Sure, ive been gone from the server since arma 2, so might as well go ahead and try to get back into things. Ingame/TS3- Brundage
  3. I like Greendemon as a person, but as a GM I feel as if he goes power hungry when on the primary. I feel as if he should not be a GM.
  4. Perfk how did you do that with the ice?
  5. Correction, rather we just need captains not players.
  6. Still need about 3-4 more captains, with players
  7. I am interested...I will be a captain of a team if need be... Not sure how you are going to run the teams and have the selection though. And thanks for stealing my tourny idea...douche
  8. I am trying to start a potential league play for this game if anyone is interested! Still up to decide if we would play 1v1 or maybe 3v3. PM me if interested so i can get an accurate number of people who might want to play. And hey, if it gets big enough I might throw in a prize to the winning person/team! Edit: Link for download http://www.filedropper.com/hockey0551
  9. ill whoop yo ass brent #31-1
  10. Well, hey you got to do what you got to do
  11. Just teasing about Brent hacking, but what the site is: It is a website that is open play. And from my understanding, on how well you do is how much money you have. So if you do the best, you get the biggest slice of the cash. I am not exactly sure on how the money is distributed, but I just want to try and win some molaa. Unfortunately though I will not be in town for this event, so I will have to catch up on the next one.
  12. If you cant beat them...join them
  13. I wish they would fix the issues with people leaving just as they die making you unable to loot them. Very irratating when you ax someone in the head with gun, ammo, clothes, and food and it all disappers right before your eyes..
  14. And just for the heads up everyone... Brent is a hacker, according to everyone on every server, and occasionally the server may even accuse him for hacking.
  15. Brent, or for anyone who is #MLGStatus go to gaminggrids.com and you can find some ways to earn money while playing. There is a free cash tournament going on this weekend. It was supposed to happen christmas day but the servers got DDos'ed so they moved it to this weekend. It is from 12-4 PST if anyone is interested.
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