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  1. dam,hoped on last night....couldn't remember even the basic controls ,it's not like a a bike after all
  2. ok,all is settup correctly now....let's see if i remember half of the controls now......UOTC familiarisation course here i come
  3. So,anybody remember me?i bet there is a whole new community now,but i would love to hear some old pal's voices....cu all in game soon
  4. can't understand what's the fuss?why are there no articles about greece gets new apachi helicopters,turkey gets new f16s? etc etc
  5. another issue,When i COed the mission the briefing allowed me to believe that the enemy platoon was not allrdy landed,and would encounter only the pathfinders there if we raced.4-5 minutes after mission start,we came in contact with the entire enemy force.Might be me misunderstanding the brief,or the brief not being clear enough.might worth a small re-write for future COs not making the same mistake
  6. we were following the movements of Bluefor for at least 30 more mins after the blown viktors, until reddish jumped the wrong corner of the wall,his body was exposed and couldn't reach it imidiatetly for his radio.Done so 4-5 mins later but could barely hear anyone.Enemy was allrdy in close and so i moved towards our base to help whatever defenders where left there.Spotted a couple of them from far away,but sightless RPG-7 made me miss my OG rounds by 30-40 meters(distance was >500m uphill).i eventually reached the East side,and as soon as i got behind an enemy fireteam,in a covered position and engaged,the bunker blew from a satchel they have placed in it.....
  7. Interesting Documentary,thx for this
  8. Both my PC and Laptop were running arma 2 a lot worse than arma 3(maybe cuz there is still not much content for A3?)
  9. Haven't led a mission for a while,and started with 1 i find to be very hard. A Russian Mechanised Platoon was tasked to clear the town of Hermansburg of US Mechanised platoon that was probably entrenched there.Pre mission scouting suggested posible mine fields and ambushes so i decided i should split the operation into 2 phases.1)Safe movement towards the south of Hermansburg and 2)the actual clearing of the town. 1.After initial radio checks the platoon formed up in a column and started movement towards a small town that was 2 Km SW of the actual objective that to me seemed a good ambush Position for the enemy.The marksman and PSG got detached and headed towards their OP that was located west of Main objective to act as recon for the platoon(codename "Spyglass").WHile recon was moving,1,1 along with 1,2,moved towards the secondary Objective town under the cover of their BTRs.Despite the initial fears,there were no enemy present there and i held the platoon between the secondary and primary objective for a second until i got word from "Spyglass".Initial Recce provided intel on 2 Enemy APCs on the north side.Platoon started movement then to their initial battle positions within a treeline ,straight south of Hermansburg.A btr lost a wheel due to enemy fire through the trees,but fortunately the rest of the platoon remained hidden from enemy positions.Once there another APC was spotted covering the south aproach. 2.Recce relocated and provided further info on more enemy positions while 1,1 was tasked to destroy the APC covering the South with RPGs.Initial shot missed but 1,2s AT gunner acting as a safety took it out moments after.That was the signal for the assault on the town.Our platoon suppressed heavily on the town for 1 minute until i gave the order for 1,1 and 1,2 to advance towards the frst buildings covering each other.1,3 was tasked to support and suppress for the maneuvering elements.I saw a beatyfull platoon advance there.1,1 was fireteam bounding towards the first building,and shortly after established a foothold inside the town.Then 1,2 moved to 1,1s right.CCP was established at 1,1s position and 1,3 was sent to support 1,2 when they were engaged from the East.All squads started house to house clearings shortly after with 1,1 on the west side of the MSR and 1,2 on the right.Heavy casualties were taken but slowly and steadily the platoon was advancing towards the north.1,3 was tasked to replace/help 1,2 as they seemed to suffer great losses.CCP was moving behind the squads and the platoon kept advancing with squads parrallel to each other.The final remnants of enemies were dealt with,though at a loss of manpower and viktors."Spyglass" was providing Marksman support at this time killing struglers from a safe distance.More M113s were destroyed and soon the town was at our control thus ending the mission. Our Platoon took heavy losses but i have to admit i expected such as this was a platoon attacking an entrenched platoon inside a city and so i consider this a good win.Have to give congrats to all my squads as i saw good maneuvering(especialy 1,1 which i was following) and good control from the SLs.We lost a couple of viktors that could be avoided due to them being extremely close to the advancing infantry and thus being in great danger. Feel free to post feedback/opinions on the planning and execution of this.
  10. Explanation makes sense,sorry for this Finley,but if u used the same name in TS i could find u and u could explain,rather than me thinking you were a random troll.
  11. Length:24 hours Reason: Intentional Teamkilling User logged in game,jipped during a vietnam mission,came to see friendly running accross open field and engaged them.I was right next to him,screaming to sieze fire,fired 2-3 warning shots close to him,then user turn and engaged me from 10 meters despite my cries to stopAfter the incident found out that user never came into TS.
  12. Hack i don't believe there was ever an age limit in UO,only a maturity Limit.As for your voice relax,i sound like a drunk Russian,another guy sounds like a bouncer.another guy sounds like a girl,someone else barely knows english....we're just here to have fun in a mutual understanding environment.
  13. CQB house/rooms clearings at night with flashlights More QRFs Insurgency missions SEAL/Special forces silent operations defence misions JUST MORE MISSIONS
  14. nope,there are other games for that era.I like modern(not futuristic) era while i play here.Offcaurse i am all in to make more of the I44 events,but as i understand,adding WW2 era equipment in the modpack,would minimise the capabilities to add even more content for the modern era.
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