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  1. The disruption and grief Seabass brought to this community was downright absurd. He created an obscene amount of drama and turmoil for his own personal amusement. His actions demonstrated a complete and total disregard for the community at large and the individual users he affected. Seabass was not unaware that his actions would have consequences, but he still chose to continue down that path, even after receiving a truly absurd number of warnings. He made his bed, and now he has to sleep in it and suffer the results of the decisions he made.
  2. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co33-op-ribbit-v10-r700? Mission unplayable - has no slots.
  3. This user deliberately went out of his way to create a video that is racist, bullying, and harassing; this user's video is an extremely targeted attack of a very personal nature. This was not some offhand remark spoken without any forethought or consideration. This user made a conscious and deliberate decision to create and distribute this video. This user's actions are beyond reprehensible and are not something I can forgive. Bullies have no place at United Operations and I fully support escalation to permanent removal.
  4. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co29-dark-deeds-v3-r607? None of the players in my squad had any bandages.
  5. Kail, You have been a fixture within our community for quite some time. I have considered you cheerful, reliable, helpful, fun to play with, an asset to United Operations, and a friend. With that said, I firmly believe that the title of Regular carries with it duties and responsibilities above and beyond simply playing on the server. It is important to me that candidates are able to demonstrate an understanding of what they are volunteering for, or at least make an attempt to illustrate what they believe they are volunteering for. I do not fault you for being unable to detail the role of a Regular down to the letter, and all I am asking is that you try to explain what you believe a Regular is, or should be, or why you want to be one in the first place. I believe that you have the potential to make an excellent addition to UO's Regular base. However, I cannot in good conscience vote to induct anyone who is unable to elucidate what role they hope to take in the community. I still welcome your thoughts on the points above and I would be more than happy to vote for you if you can provide them.
  6. Before cementing my vote, I would like to hear from Kail. What made you want to become a Regular? Can you describe what you believe to be the duties and responsibilities of a Regular? What do you hope to do or achieve as a Regular? Are there any policy issues that you care to weigh in on?
  7. In terms of performance, I was seeing well below half my usual frame rate, and frame rate drops to the point where the game became almost unplayable at times. Everyone in game I ran in to (approximately 10 other users) reported having very poor frame rates as well. This went on from the time I joined mid-mission, until the mission ended, which was approximately an hour.
  8. I would also like a copy of that PM.
  9. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/tvt36-davilla-v2-r693? No earplugs
  10. Player: Aphex A3 PID: 53120b0c8aa7c2c0547afda3417f23d9 TS3 ID: KaC/6x4yf1pLTxtL7KhlfwiC62c= Length: 1 hour Reason: Harassment of Users; Arguments and or Actions Disruptive to Gameplay and or Administration Processor: Overlord Charter: 1.1 - Maturity, Friendship, Professionalism, Respect, Cooperation, Teamwork and Courtesy are the core virtues in our community. 3.5 - Players shall respect each other and act accordingly. 3.7 - The rules of this community shall be applied equally across all mediums and services including, the Forums, TeamSpeak, and Game Servers. Ban Guidelines: Harassment of Users Arguments and or Actions Disruptive to Gameplay and or Administration Forums SOP (applicable to all UO services): 3.2 - Racist, Offensive, Harassing, Bullying, or Personal Attacks. 3.3 - Disruptive Posting, Flame War Inciting/Contributing.
  11. Myself and everyone else I asked (approximately 10 people) are unable to toggle optics mode using the default key (numpad slash). The optics toggle becomes functional if bound to a different key. I believe this issue began occurring with Friday's update.
  12. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co36-helljumpers-v11-r578? Mission has 0 visibility due to darkness and is unplayable. Mission required time advancement of several hours to reach playable light conditions.
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