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  1. That's what I was thinking. Maybe they'll just include some of the companion mods and added stories. Can't see them adding all the visual mods and complete overhaul ones
  2. Can't decide if I should laugh that you actually posted that or that you actually believe this.
  3. Wow that's crazy. We didn't have anything taken out for meals, that I'm aware of. I still have an LES laying around in my storage unit, so I'll have to check it out next time I open it. I remember going to eat out in the economy a lot and always misplacing my meal ration card because I hardly ever used it lol. Where abouts are you stationed?
  4. Interesting. That was always my favorite BF. May have to pick it up
  5. Are the servers still good? I'd actually love to get that. I've got BF2 still, but it's hard to find a full server sometimes.
  6. Just got my Fallouts for $15. Going to play the shit out of them in anticipation for 4.
  7. Damn.... In Germany we got a meal ration and tobacco ration card. When you would go to the DFAC or get some cigs, they would mark it. The meal ration was enough to last 3 meals per day for a month and the cigs for like 3 packs a week or something. If our cards were going to run out early, we could just get some more from our section SGT lol.
  8. Lol same happened to my buddy. Went into the Navy and ended up in New Orleans....about 45 minutes away from where we grew up. We always hung out at the same place every Saturday. One day, after he was supposed to recieve orders and be on his way, he just shows up and sits next to us. We were confused and then he says, "Can't even join the military and get away from this place"
  9. Combat that with K-Putt's SweetFX presets.
  10. If you promise to make missions with lots of IEDs, for old times sake. WHOA WHOA GUY
  11. Bro, your Snapchats make me nostalgic as fuck lol.
  12. Would love some jungle terrain and foliage. My computer wouldn't like it, but I would
  13. I've got the i5-3570k with a slight oc right now.
  14. Red light saves your night sight
  15. Plan on playing. I was pretty into the community at one point. Just felt like a chore to play because I was having to constantly do stuff with the missions as a GM and then I started working offshore, so went away for a while.
  16. We did it on a couple missions with success. Definitely depends on who has died and who has JIP'd in and are waiting in the area. A lot of times no one had a clue what to do, which lead to issues.
  17. I'm getting the 980ti for sure, just unsure on which brand. I was debating on upgrading the CPU
  18. Bad comparison. It's always been like this. Regulars and above make all the decisions for the direction of the community. The rest of us just ride along and play the video games. If you don't like the way something is going, try to make a difference and apply for Regular.
  19. One of the guys I miss playing out missions with. Good to see you're still pushing on, buddy.
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