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  1. Also, I forgot to add that yes we were being attack by AI inside the base, that was also part why i went unconscious.
  2. I can confirm this, Landy WASN'T trying to kill me intentionally, I asked him to kill me so that I can re spawn since it was Domination. The fact was that we jip in, we were artillery crew, as we got closer to the Artillery vehicle it was already destroyed somehow and for some reason I just went unconscious and since there were no medics around, because there were getting the objective, I asked Landy to shoot me so that I can re spawn. I can confirm also that I asked him once more because the same thing happened.
  3. That is exactly what I was thinking
  4. Yeah, I thought it was about the video game Road Rash:P
  5. I'll try to be there. Not sure yet though.
  6. I remember you Appe. Welcome back
  7. Hope to see you soon Landy and Lakes are pretty nice
  8. 4thEchelon - Assault, Support are my ideal choices, but I don't mind engineer. I stay away from Recon.
  9. Get Splinter Cell Conviction its pretty awesome and also we can play Coop together
  10. I heard that Michael Ironside didn't want to do this Splinter Cell game because he didn't like the storyline and the way they portrait Sam's personality. I bought the game its pretty good, the fact that they have different voice actors for Grim and Sam it ruined the game slightly for me.
  11. I went with Blacklist, can't wait for tomorrow so that I can play it!!!!!
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