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  1. Feedback: It's looking very good. Well done WSO. 👍
  2. I'm also interested. Caution: SB newbie.
  3. Another really good fan-made video that showcases some of the new stuff in Elite Dangerous..
  4. In this case the UOED being discussed above was mainly in relation to the in-game Squad 4 character ID and name and not how the group, if applicable, would be referred to at UO. Squadrons, in-game, can be handed over to another player. In-game management has multiple ranks, all of which have configurable names and levels of authorised actions per rank.
  5. Assuming, yes.. UOSF - United Operations Space Force UOSC - United Operations Space Command UOSF - United Operations Space Fleet UOSN - United Operations Space Navy .. you know, the usual stuff.
  6. You mean the 4 character Squad ID in ED?
  7. Seen Discord. Let's do this properly, we need run all this past the PRO. Was that done?
  8. Not very thrilled with the unnecessary and forth-wall breaking component of including "Elite Dangerous" in the name within the game Elite Dangerous.
  9. It's Black Friday and, as usual, Frontier have released those time-limited oh-so-sexy Midnight/Black Friday paint jobs to buy for your ships here.