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    Gaming ;) i also love doing Youtube! have a relativity small channel, just over 3,300 subscribers.
    Also love movies, i have to watch a movie each night.
    Sex. Sex is fun too.
  1. HEY!! I used to play here years ago, before Arma 3 was the game that was primarily used. Is there certain days/times a semi large group get together and play the server now? The times i have a look to see if there are missions running, there are never really anyone around. So i'm guessing people play at specific days/times now? Would love to get back into it as i miss this stuff.
  2. Do they not run Arma 2 At all anymore? I enjoyed that far more.
  3. Ello Chaps. I have not played for a very very long time, but i plan on coming back now. What has changed? I noticed Arma 3 is the main game now? How come i dont see people on TS?
  4. This is actually one of my own, it was from Tactical Tuesday 02/07/2013.I like it because the mission was relaxed, and we got stuff done. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0mJCk6dxMg
  5. HI! So i am pretty new here, managed to get All the ArmA 2 mods working after some work, then yesterday, i played my first Mission on the server! I had a huge amount of fun and it felt good playing with a community like this, compared to the other servers i have been on where people just seem to rambo it.. I was worried when joining the game, as i am still getting used to the mods, and i did not want to make a prat of myself, but the people there were cool beans, i told them i was new and they helped me out.. it made the mission more enjoyable! Today i played more mission, as it is halloween, the missions had zombies, again, everyone was friendly and i played for about 4 missions.. was a blast! Now, i have a little youtube channel, currently at 3,380 subscribers, and i plan on recording all missions i join, and uploading them to my channel, i did record a little bit of the first mission i took part in if you want to take a look - So yeah, im pretty excited about playing Games with you guys, very happy i found this community! Ima go masturbate for a bit now.. so .. BYE!!!!
  6. Hello All! My Name is SimpleGamerz, most people call me Simplez and i am 22 years old. I have been following UO for a very long time, been hanging around on the forums and watching all the videos of events! I love the way you guys play ArmA 2. I am a very big fan of ArmA been playing the "vanilla" mode mostly, about half a year ago, i installed all the mods, ACE, ACRE and more, then started playing on the Seal Team 3 server and really loved the realistic gameplay! The problem i was having is the PC i had was not too good, so i had horrid framerate, this kind of limited me to the things i could do on ArmA 2. But yesterday, my new PC arrived, i am super happy with it, its sporting a GTX 670 so i can actually play games now! Im hoping when i get all my stuff setup, i can join you guys in a few missions and become part of this Community! So yeah, just thought i would say HI! Hope to see you all soon, -Simplez
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