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  1. I suggest making it clear in the briefing the radio situation. It caused a bit of confusion. Imo, just make it clear who has access to long range, and who has short ranges.
  2. TVT54_Abbadaez_Assault_v2_1.fata SEM SL 52, was not working for OPFOR, spawned in 148 as replacement.
  3. TVT53_Strelka_Staredown_Redux_V1.utes.pbo No slots on opfor.
  4. So, I'm all for making excuses... (you should see my /missionIdeas/ folder...) But thats a bit thin right? Just move the project to a google drive, do the FTOPS, and when the higher powers get the Wiki working, move it there.
  5. Cleaned up, until this point.
  6. Hi Jimbo, Do you know if UOTC have asked for missions? I mean, we have a pretty large group of people that make missions, i would be surprised to hear that none of them could not make one for this purpose.
  7. TVT 41 SND V2 Radios broken (spawned radio for Blufor Pilot and random RTO dude Napalm script not working for jet.
  8. CO40_Clockwork_V1.tem_anizay.pbo - Medic is not of ACE class Medic. Unable to do his job.
  9. CO40 Leafy Leaf - Broken Babel - likely incorrect framework config: "Casualty count. Warning no unots on team "East...." - Random lag
  10. ... i feel like you just knew that i would be to lazy to actually switch to the UO theme. So you would be safe for a while.. Anyway, switched to the UO theme, sam error.
  11. Live mission list appears to have some issues as reported by Burnout and confirmed by me and others.
  12. Blufor 1'1 Charlie Team leader: Spawned without 343.
  13. Perfk

    TVT50 Totem Tote V2

    US Marksman spawned with incorrect ammo. GM fixed it. @James, can you add details?
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