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  1. I'm a little late to the party with this game, but i picked up the Portal+Portal2 pack from Steam and just finished completing the main storyline in both. Absolutely incredible. If you haven't played these and have an interest in puzzle games that actually make you think, you need to go download them right now. The storyline is well written and the characters are hilarious. The humor is witty/sarcastic bordering on satirical, at times. I found myself, on numerous occasions, not doing puzzles and just standing around laughing at what was being said. Portal2 is a much better and more challenging game but i would still recommend getting, and playing, both because the storyline of Portal2 picks up right at the end of the Portal1 story. I have a feeling you won't really understand what's going on if you just jump right in to Portal2. Anyway, i figured i would share my thoughts on this in case anyone was curious about the game. Oh, and remember.....The cake is a lie!!!
  2. Hey, look at the bright side..you're in "Wizcaansun"™ so you have an endless supply of cheese
  3. FDNY outlaws sirens http://www.firerescue1.com/fire-news/1424914-noisy-fire-truck-sirens-outlawed-as-kinder-gentler-sirens-sweep-country
  4. Is that saying "Sat and Sun @ 1800Z" or is it "Sat or Sun @ 1800Z"? I can do one day, but not both.
  5. SicSRT


    Ahh, ok. That makes sense, thanks.
  6. If i missed a thread about this, i apologize. But, why do we need a separate version of CBA? What changes have been made?
  7. Actually, I did. Just because you don't have an ethernet card plugged into a PCI slot doesn't mean you don't have one. That CAT cable has to plug in somewhere, right? Your ethernet card is built-in to your motherboard. It still needs drivers installed either way.
  8. Make sure you have your ethernet card drivers installed. If you have only used WLAN in the past, you might only have the drivers for the wireless adapter currently.
  9. Well, since we sit around in air-conditioned hangars all day long, there's really not much to get all worked up about
  10. I played around with this for a while when it was first released. I actually JUST re-downloaded it a couple days ago to test out all the new patches. I haven't actually flown around any ArmA areas, still doing the career missions to get used to the flight model again. I don't know if you are involved with FS9 or FSX, but there is a helicopter community called Hovercontrol that has some fantastic developers within it. One of the guys, Fred, created a program called HTR (Helicopter Total Realism) for flight sim which added so much more complexity and realism to a bunch of MSFS helicopters. There's a group of 4, or so, real-world helicopter pilots that helped him create the program. He has now created something similar for TOH, as well. His mod currently includes new flight dynamics for the light and medium helicopters(i'm assuming he's working on the heavy, too) and it makes a world of difference. The helicopters are much more responsive now and are a joy to fly. You can check it out here if you are interested: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?145171-Advanced-Flight-Model-based-on-HTR
  11. Yes, Endy..that's exactly what i meant. I guess i could have worded it better. However, Brent, your math is correct. But a single BCU 1 doesn't give a 21% bonus, it only gives a 7% bonus. So you understand the concept, you just mixed up the initial module bonus. ::edit:: either that, or you just got real lucky that 17 x 3 ≈ 21 + 21(.87) + 21(.57)...lol
  12. Nothing to add about the fits here, but i figured i would clear up Brent's question. Brent, the penalty it is talking about just means that each module you stack doesn't add the full 100% bonus of the first module. Here's the actual breakdown: For example, I currently have 3 BCU's on my Caracal which means, without any penalty, i would get a 21% bonus to missile damage. However, because that module is subject to stacking penalties, i actually get a 17% bonus instead. I believe that any more than 3 modules are a waste, so i threw a PDS in the 4th low instead of stacking another BCU.
  13. Lots of possibilities for this one. My first guess is GPU or, like Mark said, the PCI slot itself. If your GPU and CPU pass the stress-testing. My next move would be to run a memory test. You can get the program here: http://memtest.org/#downiso If you have a USB stick, download the auto-installer. If you don't, you will need a CD burner and have to download the bootable ISO. Here's a tutorial on how to use the program, assuming you have Windows 7: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/105647-ram-test-memtest86.html Most RAM issues will blue screen with a Page Fault error, but just like anything else with computers, anything is possible. One question though, have you purposely under-clocked your CPU for testing purposes or is that how it always runs?
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