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  2. Survey filled and application sent. Name: Tzarski.
  3. Hard yes, and I encourage everyone else to say the same. Great quality vehicles with lots of features that would be a fine addition to the modpack.
  4. As discussed, BLU Mortar script non-functioning.
  5. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co47-unexpected-actions-v1-r1386? Listed on the server as a CO51, when is in fact a CO47. Also, very poor grammar and spelling for the brief. Enemy AI spawn approximately <50 metres away from the British platoon, as evidenced when they spawned on top of the Americans who stopped at said distance. EDIT: It appears that the enemy AI spawn in a radius around the British regardless of the terrain, which is why they spawn in open areas of the town and on top of players. The regular spawning of AI also leads to many useless AI being left behind in areas that the players have already vacated, causing unnecessary lag. COMSIG is very poor - UK units were unaware of their own callsigns. Not necessarily your fault, but UK and US being on separate sides means that they can suppress each other; unknown if this is because BLU and IND are not "friendly" to each other. Recommend that US and UK use vanilla (or at least the same type of) STANAG magazines so that they can exchange ammunition.
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