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  1. Interested, once F-18 goes life and I figured out how to fly it.
  2. Hello ladies, so, since yesterday, I've been playing 3.0 for roughly 3 hours total. And it was well.. pretty awesome, especially when I finally made it to Daymar. Can't really put how awesome 3.0 is - when it works, into words. FPS were suprisingly good, except for when I was in Port Olisar and Levski. Still very buggy, but it's on PTU so that is to be expected. Fun fact: I found a Coffee Machine in an Outpost on Yela... much lol was had then.
  3. Going to trust my fellow regulars on this one, voting yes.
  4. They look somewhat small to me, seems like you need relatively small feet to fit on those pedals. and they look about as sturdy as the Saitek Pro Flight Rudder pedals, which I had, were, not. I personally have the MFG Crosswind now, fairly expensive, though during my research I found out they are cheap compared to some of the other pedals on the market, they are worth every € I paid for them.
  5. Edwards

    UOAF - BMS #286 - 1800z

    Tentative, Fury or Cowboy.
  6. Requesting training in the following areas: - Air-to-Air Refueling - BVR - WVR - BLU - Strafing - Overhead Break - TACAN - HMCS - BFM I got the next week off so I time wise I should be fairly flexible.
  7. Edwards

    UOAF - BMS #285 - 1800z

    Any 16 flight as #4 Changing to out - have to work on short notice.
  8. Well, if I'm still awake tonight (coming off a night shift week) I'll fly, or, try to at least
  9. Edwards

    UOAF - BMS #284 - 1800z

    Tentative Fury 1-4.
  10. Which is why I said wait until Vega drops, prices might drop depending on how good it will be.
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