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  1. Have a good one brother, we'll be here when you get back!
  2. Darkside


    I mention your approach being dramatic, in which I stand by. All of this secondary discussion is borderline wasteful when you could have simply DM'd BSM and had this situation rectified in the same day, his reply is indicative of that.
  3. Darkside


    Blackskimask has stated numerous times verbally that it is virtually a copy/paste of your mission and at no point has tried to pass it off as an original idea; He has been regularly trying to revitalize older A2 missions, by making similar ports to A3. Yes, He should have most certainly given you the credit you deserve for the original content, but at no point did he try and cover up the fact that you made this mission, nor is this malicious in any form. I think this was a bit of a dramatic approach and I believe an attempt at direct interaction, before making a thread was most certainly the better choice.
  4. Glad to see some new promotional content, many thanks to those involved with this project!
  5. Great session this week, looking forward to next. Thanks for coming, fellas!
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