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  1. Jealous ya get to travel my man! Stay safe and have fun bro! Take plenty of pics
  2. Welcome back mate!!! I've missed ya buddy hope you enjoy your time back and stick around
  3. Right click the page and print. To save as PDF, right click the page and print. Select destination as PDF instead of whatever printer.
  4. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/21492-uo-images-from-arma-3/
  5. My old Arma 2 mission "Outpost Lunchyyy" was inspired by the Battle of wanat/ OP Restrepo. Unfortunately we dont have the maps for it.
  6. Slightly disappointed the first mission was ended during a firefight but other than that event was generally fun. (except that night mission that wasn't technically part of the event) I have a few clips I can render out later, managed to American sniper a Russian who had half his head showing and then 90deg y, y fakie no scoped someone from FK before going back to sniping the oncomming Russian assault. Who else got some decent footage?
  7. This hater is just mad his League career never kicked off.
  8. I'm his manager and can confirm that Cavalierr will be focusing his time and effort on his eSports career.
  9. He was in my squad and didn't even know how to set up his controls I dont think he was hacking. I think it was just a poor joke.
  10. tank destroyer/MGS added Well sir I disagree.
  11. TVT30 Fuck Off We're Full v2
  12. 1. We play more than the organised events. Usually most weekends the primary will be populated (Friday/Saturday) with the off chance of playing Sunday. 2. What time Zulu are you available? 1800Z is usually when the ball starts rolling and most people start joining but there may be people on before it. The server is open 24/7 technically so you can jump on whenever assuming there are others who want to play also.
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