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  1. That's rich coming from you, if you're the example for what regulars look like in this community Graham should be getting 100% User received a warning point for this post.
  2. Best2nd's post aside, User isn't a problem, plays on the server and pays his due. Yes
  3. Sacher is good people, voting yes!
  4. Great guy, fun to be around in the barracks. Voting yes
  5. Thank you Headshot, I would like to accept the nomination for regular and I hope that the poll succeeds.
  6. The most I've done is play on the server, lead, and take part in discussions in the barracks, apart from that I intend to take part in the community discussions and operations.
  7. This poll was put up as a reg request, I feel I can add something to this community. Perhaps a more relaxed perspective compared to the regulars you are used to seeing.
  8. I'm very sorry, It has been very long since I have played Arma and I was trying to use the spray tool on the ground. I got bad instructions on preying and used my grenade key (bound to T). Very sorry, I understand if I need to be banned, prefer it if I weren't.
  9. for me it has to be ultramarine blue, for being the strongest color the emperor produced.
  10. Name: RedCrown Are you a Regular?: N Do you want to be a mission leader?:N Do you want to be a squad/leader?:Y
  11. yes it was me that started the ban zedic. i found that the teamkilling that occured was a blatent mistake, but a common one, that is why i only set it to 24 hours origonaly. i wasnt doing this out of spite or rage, i just thought it was wrong of you to teamkill. i did not intend for this to sound like i was trying to take a shot at you, i only ment ti make you see that the teamkilling was a mistake. Best Regards. Redcrown
  12. i would like to point out that my equipment was in check during the mission, if you where refering to the dog(chad), i dont beleave that can be classifide as form of equipment, as it as another player.
  13. understood, and i will take this into account next time.
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