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  1. After Archage, MMO's from asian companies wont get my £££. Although I would play a blizz MMO if they release a new one.
  2. Secrets out boys. Also Vospo did you drink the last of the milk? I cant have a cuppa round here anymore.
  3. I hated the Beta, But I fucking love the game. WCR is currently the best team at UO ROSTER: WCR.Sickofguessing WCR.ZZEZ WCR.Wispila WCR.OrangeRPG WCR.TankTrap Standin.KingWest Standin.Mastec
  4. So is The P actually in that picture or am I wasting my time?
  5. That was, perfect. Shit that you got a warning point for it. Childish shit.
  6. Power Rangers should stay in the 90's.
  7. It is fun to slag off other people...when they make it this easy.
  8. "Sorry guys I am told I must give up my reg" I felt embarrassed for you when you did that.
  9. My dad has a bright yellow Nissian Skyline R34(? RW Automatic ?) Nismo. I believe it got imported to the UK from Japan a few years before he bought it. He crashed it into the post office once.
  10. Me and a few of the lads played it before but the lack of actual "end" game and direction made it stale. I hosted it locally before. If Sabre comes back from his night raids in Iraq against ISIS at least two of us would play.
  11. +1 I fucking hate when people on here and TS take this "news" seriously. Its litterally the Onion. This is the "source" material. http://www.vocativ.com/world/isis-2/isis-video-games/
  12. Issue with the vicks, and is it the sound or voip?
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