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  1. man... been a while. Found some old screenshots in the steam lib. Wanted to check back what the current state of this was. Had a real drive to go for a few rounds again. duuh 'member... when we all of a sudden everyone had like underwear ... 'member
  2. Broken? Nah! Never. I joined a server just before, the map changed and everyone was kicked with a fatal error. Went for another server. Vehicle derp going on at the sweetest. Ural drives against a trash bin and does like 2160-kickflip into the air... I am sure he would have continued, but the entire server imploded by the overload of generated physics. Finally found a server where things at first went smooth. Then I was wondering about the physics thingy and the server doing all that work with 72 players and several vehicles (devs said they bound the ragdoll class now constantly to the playermodel, which keeps it semi-active). Well believe it or not, with my 1070 my usual 90-120 fps started going south when player count went above 50 to about 30-39. At that point I started wishing for a technical derby. TL;DR: Broken, bad performance, broken - burn it with fyre and run away.
  3. 1st mission submitted ever.
  4. Actually not bad at all. I. Perhaps splattering some items around the crash site (placement radius ie.) would add some thrill by scattering stuff aqap II. Smoke. If the delay of the smoke particles get's increased, does that actually affect on the desync? Because otherwise I would also say that the smoke easily can reach higher than 200 ft
  5. Thanks for the support Herbiie. Well, to be fair I used mainly the A2 version of this tutorial you had made. Now used this one to counter check the setup of my first attempt of a mission. I have to be honest, I didn't quite get the process with the testing server. Can I just upload it there and test run it there or does this also require a verification from someone first? I roamed the forum, perhaps oversaw the correct information :/
  6. Thank god the Hind was actually manned by AI. If that'd been a player crew I doubt anyone would would have made it to the southern town in the first place. Or perhaps the crew would have started firing from the hatch with some small arms and tossing some Gs. Hard to tell.
  7. Even though this will mean getting up at 2-3 am, I would be down for it.
  8. At first I didn't even notice that something like the SR was missing. Then once noticed it felt odd for few moments. Then it passed and I started to become more aware of the actual surrounding and payed more attention to it. Significantly increased my orientation and movement skills. I have to give my credit to AC 337. He is doing the right thing. As soon as there is time and space during briefing or mission preparing, he does some simple drills like movement, formation, breaching, etc. also reminding people of the spacing and sectors. It became more of an automatism for me at least. For some players it might be seen as boring and "been-there-done-it-already" - just have to look at it that way: It will improve the player next to you and his improved skills will perhaps save your butt, while you save someone else's. ArmA3 ain't that bad after all - though blasting vehicles with super sonic speed thru the air and players surviving such a horrific trip, seems a bit out of the frame. So cool.
  9. Just started last week again with UO (after about a year on the road) and at all with ArmA3. So forgive me if I am blobbering BS in regards. I don't think it requires 70-100 players to get a great experience everyone is seeking for, when deciding to play in a tactical community. At least the reason why I enjoy playing in a tactical community, is "tactical" - not MMO. I have played coop missions with 20-30 players that were outstanding fun to play, from a tactical and gameplay experience POV; I had participated in missions with 70 players that were awesome. Though I had also bad experience, regardless of the player count. From few missions were I had been SL and a lot more as Rifleman i.e., I guess one of the best approaches for the moral for your own squad and therefor for the tactical fun, is to talk to each member of the squad (as a SL/FL) or highlight them at least as an important asset in the mission. Sometimes there is time for a few more words, sometimes just a quick heads-up, addressed directly to each. Usually those missions within that sort of a squad, I experienced a squad moral that was in pretty good shape and fun to attend - even if leaving my miserable disposable virtual life on the field. Regarding the mission Godhand (http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/24224-organizing-a-revival/?p=291945) was talking about earlier in this thread; I was in one of the sections that were doing some bounding drills. And also did notice some group of players of the other section had gather together in the middle of the field and started derping around (Someone actually started running there, yelling at them and my wife happened to be in the room at that point and we had some good laughs for a moment *sidenote). The drills made the wait of course a bit more entertaining and kept our squad from starting derp as well. Especially noticed, when a short desync caused the transport vehicles to collide and blow up. No one in my squad really started crying about that, just started collecting the bodies, trying to help and wait for further instructions. Funny, that a catastrophe like that can actually already be freakin awesome teamplay experience. Now, at the end of the day I do not mind the wait and since it seems that the main issue of the wait is the boredom and impatience of few individuals, drills should be highlighted more often to pass on and to keep the people dedicated. Tasks to the people as often as possible, especially while waiting for setup, briefing and departure. But to save my karma, I have to confess that sometimes I also do some derpy stuff - so, yes... yesterday after planting the charges on the weapons crates in the AO and waiting for instructions, the naked guy on the top of the building in the AO was me. I had some graphic issues with my shadow and wanted to see if it was caused by some poly of the uniform or west, while waiting for the pickup - then my ArmaProcess crashed and it had been told to me that my half nacked body had dropped from the rooftop - sorry for any inconvinience.
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