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  1. Thank you for all the good memories, i wish you all great fortune with your futures! its sad to see the site will be shut down, but it was allways inevitable. Haribo.
  2. It's genuinely disheartening seeing the community like this, each time I have tried to join, no one is playing. Iv been so bored I have learned how to spell. sorta
  3. Haribo

    US Forces 2000s

    Im not sure if its just the fact that im colour blind but the contrast of the jumper with the body armor in the first photo makes me really genuinely uncomfortable
  4. Personally id suggest lowering the ammount of ram your buying aswell as the size of your harddrive, to see if you can squeeze a better graphics card into your budget. ram and harddrives can allways be added later on.
  5. They teased it a little in the previous video
  6. Acre isnt signed, i belive our server isnt currently using battleye for this reason
  7. Jimbo my old friend, you're right I never quite grasped the game. That is extremely humbling to hear, I assumed my rein of terror would have been long forgotten by now. Thank you Enex I so happy to see your still around! hello my old friend! I missed you too Cunnah Thank you! Its been a long time since iv been called that haha! Tiger team!
  8. Thanks pax! Thank you Edwards! Good to see you, im really glad to see your still about! Good to see you haven't changed viking! Thank you master! you too! I return as i left, illiterate
  9. Im sorry to say i was never a mission maker. Thats way above my skill set
  10. Hello fellas! Some off the older guys around here may remember me, Im very excited to come back to play with you guys, its been a long time coming iv missed playing here and i look forward to seeing you guys in game! Haribo Hello fellas! Some off the older guys around here may remember me, Im very excited to come back to play with you guys, its been a long time coming iv missed playing here and i look forward to seeing you guys in game! haribo
  11. Iv just payed for a cruse next year, but the girlfriends wants to go, i may just wait for 2016
  12. Thank your for the overwhelming support. I fear i couldn't let you down even if i tried. I would be able to complete any of the following spelling tests are your nearest convenience. http://www.kidsspell.com/spelling-lists.php lessons 1 to 82. Im not going to lie to you and promise a series of actions, when at this current time i am not 100% up to date with the current situation of UOTC. but from my understanding it has been left in the same state as when i left it. From this i do have some basic elements that have to happen. for starters the current roster is outdated but nearly 6 months, the current list as when i last sore it had myself still as the officer and has other member's that are no loner with the community. at the current state alot of the guild lines and policy's need very little work but fundamentally the department is simply not doing as it is expected its not teaching and as before my primary goal will be to get UOTC working as a basic level with a scene of standardized courses and a regular time table. I managed this on a basic level before. While i am not able to talk to much about it, it wont be long before i am able to, there are a couple of members of UOTC i need to have discussions to formulate an official plan. This will be made public at the earliest possible time auto correct on my phone is fantastic im not going to lie. As said before im not able to commit to a plan at this time. I originated in the French factory and was smuggled into England in the pocket of a 5 year old tourist.
  13. kingslayers posh, its fine his people don't get arrested.
  14. I can't help but get the feeling phasing it out would work best, due to the lack of playing area 3
  15. Its okay guys, im back i shall fix it!
  16. For the few of you that care, im back. As you may remember i left due to my life because a crazy mess, its sorted out and im finally in a place that i can call stable.
  17. If you havent guessed im still on active LOA
  18. There is a lack of people with the knowledge required to teach the JTAC course and the people with the knowledge are simply to busy.
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