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  1. I've been keeping an eye on this game. It takes self control to not let your idea of what a game will be overshadow what a game truly is currently. What Jimbo said is essentially what's on my mind. I will be invested in this game some day, hopefully sooner than later.
  2. Hi what's up? I'm just lurking.
  3. First post after coming back and you've already fucked up the typing. Welcome back xD
  4. Where is Aqua? If Ratlover comes and leads Mogilevka Deluxe I might reinstall ArmA
  5. Thanks for the reminder. It's been like what... 4.5 years or something since the hype started? I still haven't spent a penny.
  6. Really awesome. Not just anyone can achieve this; you're living the dream.
  7. I believe he is referring to Oprah asking him and him saying something along the lines of "I don't know, I can tell you one thing, I wouldn't go in to lose..." and "I don't want to rule it out completely." As far as this thread goes, I found it amusing to see posts getting warnings for posting videos of reactions to the election in a thread about reactions to this election cycle. Does Hawaii even have that much salt? edit - found the video:
  8. I couldn't understand back many years ago people buying expensive ships and packages and what not... I still don't. Not a penny spent, no regrets.
  9. I was tracking it. It seems it never made landfall. Still heavy winds of course. I am about an hour north of Fayetteville, NC. Expecting 4-5 inches of rain. Wilmington is expecting up to 2 feet. Luckily all the wind will die down, just shit tons of rain.
  10. 2 things you can try that may or may not do jack shit: 1. unplug router for 30 seconds then reconnect it 2. go to documents, arma 3 - other profiles, saved, mpmissions, delete all contents inside mpmissions
  11. Gabe

    Payday 2

    This game was so much fun back when it came out. If NoDebate comes back I will reinstall.
  12. Man if I was visiting my dad around the same time I'd hop on the path train and come meet you. We'd have so much fun in the city doing stuff us jews enjoy doing. Such as complaining about the Mets regardless of how they're doing. Fuck the Yankees. Oh and we hate the Giants too but we complain about the Jets sucking. And the noise pollution ugh its so loud at night yuck.
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