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  1. Getting 3 gigs of PV downladed as i speak! IN for the OCA -2/3 as needed.
  2. Fighter Pilot: Robin Olds’ Biography. Co-Written by both his daughter and Ed Rasimus. Covers his early years a little, his time in WW2 flying lightenings and Mustangs. Then into the ealrynjet age with shooting stars and sabres followed by his time in Phantoms. Some time in the Pentagon. Very nice book that provides some unique insight into these eras of flying.
  3. I don’t mind what side we pick; personally I prefer BLUFLOR. Can fly viggen, hornet, harrier, a10. Hell I can even just AWACS or ATC for us
  4. ghostdog

    UOAF - BMS 345 - 1800z

    In for dead or oca. My inner attack pilot needs work
  5. In? Will to lead the f4’s again.
  6. ghostdog

    UOAF - BMS #338 - 1800z

    In for Devil flight, will lead. If you want to fly the phantom and have questions about it, message me via discord and I’ll help any way I can.
  7. I’m sharing this with other communities. Represents us well, provided information and entertainment, and reflects well you’re desire to make sure we don’t smoke an entire squadron of hornets. Let’s hope it improves me as a pilot!
  8. will fly #3 to Hideous' #4 in where he goes. 'Mon the Scots!
  9. I just my motherboard soundcard and to be honest that’s fine. Then again, my headphones and mic are also cheap. But for hearing squashed radio chatter and the whine of a jet engine that’s totally OK
  10. DCS recommendation is for 32gb ram, with 16 being minimum 32gb is a sound investment.
  11. Assuming updating goes to plan, count me as back. In for SEAD!
  12. With forces permission, I added a flight of harriers to the Bactria mission, it worked well enough but because I’m crap at mission making, we needed an a10 pilot to provide the locations as harrier pilots couldn’t hear the radio comms IIRC. I’m sure with some reasonable effort, it could be done though.
  13. Just noticed the time. Too early for me as I’ll still be working. Switched to out.
  14. In. Will fly an f4. Mostly because it’ll be funny as hell.
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