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  1. Successful Attendance: - Sercos Thanks for attending, let me know if you have any follow-up questions or feedback!
  2. CO38 OpenToInterpretation v1
  3. Course completed at 0115Z on 2018-07-16. The following people were in attendance and have completed the Familiarization Course: ratlover232 OaksDot (Oaks.) zerokii Rody00 Hazdoc Thanks to all attending, and no worries if missed, happy to have you at any other famil. session. Please message if any follow-up questions/comments.
  4. Please also note that Comm.'s Officer's long range was incompatible w/ preset channels for BLU. (PRC-77 only goes to 2nd decimal place for freq.)
  5. Cancelling at 23:20; unable to contact any participants. Also note that training server seems to not have updated modset.
  6. Course complete @ 00:45Z, tags to be assigned to following attendees (in-game names): Lipiciul Carsong Stevinh Choosen37 If you missed this session and would still like to attend a familiarization, please feel free to sign up for the other 2 courses this month. Thanks for attending and you're welcome to forward any questions. edit: Chosen37 -> Choosen37*
  7. Course cancelled, no sign-ups. Next month's postings, coming soooon!
  8. Could he not list all possible end conditions? e.g. if the objective is x, end condition will be x'; if objective y, end is y', etc. Still retains element of "surprise" for opposing force while following SOP?
  9. Course completed, ItschrisxD to be assigned tags. edit: tag assigned (kail)
  10. Majority of course completed on 2016/10/04, 0015Z. Unable to complete course due to combination of server (TS3) and user internet connection problems. Attendees were verbally instructed on course remainder (AT prep.) and should be awarded certification. Attendees: GFreeman redman214 Thanks for coming, please feel free to contact w/ any questions.
  11. Familiarization course complete @ 2016/08/07, 00:30Z. Participants: GUGZ IRONACHILLES KERRY MORIARTY SUBFRIZZLE ZUGRAUSAM Thank you all for coming, I hope the information was useful. Please feel free to contact w/ any questions, feedback, or if I missed you. Additional reading for those interested: http://www.unitedoperations.net/wiki/UOTC_Field_Handbook https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jeDgWCXwGWLT9ahCbrSyV0EaE-mp5elb3InU__DFcwE/edit#heading=h.erje3wc81a7
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