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  1. Name: mr2 Who do you want to play as?: "Lord Petyr baelish" as for now, will change if needed. Do you have the mod installed? yes Does the date work for you? sure Does the time work for you?sure Do you want to play with a buddy?
  2. Name Mr2 Who do you want to play as? a vassal under mark the mad king if he allows it. Do you have the mod installed? Yup Does the date work for you? (Date is subject to change if it sucks for most people.) Yep Does the time work for you? (Time is subject to change.) Yes Do you want to play with a buddy? i dont have any buddys, pal
  3. not signing up yet, but it sounds interesting. i only played a bit of crusader kings, so i need kingslayer to hold my hand tho. when is last day to sign?
  4. only if you cuddle with me again! ;P yes
  5. could be fun, but im probably intoxicated at that point, so if you need a drunk flute player im in!
  6. mr2

    LOA - Mr2

    cheers mate will get back at some point, freaking miss some good immersive gameplay sometimes ^^
  7. Hey folks. A lot probably know i have been inactive for a longer period on the primary, so i thought it would be smart to write a LOA why. Lately i have gone in some personal problems that has screwed up most of my life. and it hit me hard.. and because of it, i had to start over from "point zero" again,so i havent had the energy to deal with a lot of stuff like having to deal with the "state of the primary" and such. So i write this as im not sure when i will be active again, as of right now, i just aint ready to commit myself to it again. Hopefully the issues will be sorted, because i would love to get back and play with some of you fuckers. //mr2
  8. screw it, ill switch my name to " contact repeat what channel are we on"
  9. and that was what i missunderstood ^^ i thought you just had to accept them through if they quote: "meet the requirement to pass the course", not that we see them individual for being a guy who havent shown he is willingly to learn by keep looping through the system.
  10. my computer cost that, and it run both smoothly and is 2 years old, i cant see your point? (built self)
  11. this was one of the things i think i missunderstood when i talked with albatross earlier as quoted: because as understood here it sounded like UOTC only had the power to decline if they didnt pass the "criteria check list", meaning that the same person could get forced to the course even after showing incompetent after 3-4 times of being forced through the course, and be back on the primary if those things he just prove those things he should have learned the last 4 times, but keep failing with on the primary. that the only power they had was a "check list" and if all is pass, then they are let back on . no matter that they have so far shown multiply times they wont learn. But just to clarify, UOTC will have the power to decline a player to continue going through the procedure? aka. perma banning for incompentency (edit: i know the answer, but just think it would be good to have it in the forum thread also, so others could know)?
  12. have voted no so far. i dont see how this will change anything, as sitting through a "famil course" for 1-2 hours would change anything, we can enforce them to go to it, but we cant force them to learn from it.. Stupid people will keep being stupid, while good people would normally understand after the 24h ban they get, that they need to adapt or dissapear. So i see it as a bandaid solution as it is. will just add administrative work, for a gain i cant see. i can be tempted to test it out, but my question for that will be: - If this fail massively, will you then be able to vote it out again? or do we have to keep something failing because people stick to a sinking ship. because its a pain to remove anything voted in again.... my 2 cents.
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