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  1. From my time on TG I can certaintly say that this behaviour is not from a member or even a TG admin
  2. Name: TG Liquid Positions: Everything Staff: I would like to help keep this event running smoothly
  3. I have signed up for this event, I understand that I will need to download mods in order to play in this event and I will have them ready to go on event day.
  4. I would say hands down on of the most interesting concepts of gameplay at the same level as watchdogs
  5. In my honest I think we already have some good island maps, and this terrain remains me of cherno
  6. Yea I second Virus request want to play have read the guides need some help making my character
  7. Liquid

    COH 2

    It appears that the developers have given us 2 weeks of free play, feel free to donwload it from steam and join me in glorious battle comrades
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