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    You know what... i have a lot of interests, im just going to leave it at that for now
  1. Also just wanted to say, I'm Back.
  2. I really gotta vote this as my favorite. Well done by all of the actors hahahaha
  3. My degree is in Recording Arts. So naturally, i spend a lot of time listening to music, analyzing it, and cataloging it into my collection. Ever since late last year there has been this one album that has stood out, and i find myself listening to it a lot. Maybe it's just my love for the 80s and the crazy, yet awesome music it brought to reality. But Twin Shadow has really seemed to hit the nail on the head with his latest album 'Confess'. 'Confess' is a very vibrant and colorful album that brings back the nostalgic feel of 80's rock and roll. No, I'm not talking about hair bands like; Bon Jovi, Skid Row or Guns n' Roses. But bands and artist like The Police, Eddie Money, and a-Ha, just as examples. It goes from synthesizers to flanger guitars w/ catchy riffs, and incredible drum beats to make you want to dance (or chair dance w/e you do) The biggest single of the album probably has to be "Five Seconds" which immediately you recognize the 80s flair that this guy can bring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg4IhOpndrQ But that's just one example and not even the best track on the album in my opinion. He gets even more in tune to other such novel 80s artist like, The Police as i mentioned earlier with his track "Run My Heart". But i digress, for you to fully understand this amazing album you need to listen to the whole thing. But i will leave you with my favorite track by him, and favorite off this album "Golden Light". Now i understand this album may not be for everyone, but i encourage people to give it at least one listen. Especially if you are a fan of the 80s. EDIT: Grammar and wording (Like usual)
  4. Im more curious as to how Gabe posted a reply to dackery yet dackery posted after.......... BLACK MAGIC!
  5. Detroit also has the 2nd most murders per year, just right behind New Orleans. It's population has gone from 1.029 million people in 1990 to 706,000 in 2011 (Now estimated at around 900,000 [2013]). For every 100,000 citizens about 1300 of them will be a victim of aggravated assault, and there are also about 60 Forcible rapes per every 100,000 people. New York City has over 8 million people in it. And it has less crime than Detroit. Oh and affordable real-estate... Yeah, it's so cheap because NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE THERE. http://city-crime-statistics.findthedata.org/compare/2870-4852/Detroit-vs-New-York
  6. DO YOU NOT LIKE COLOUR'S? And welcome to UO man. Hope you enjoy your time here!
  7. This is kind of my point. The bill/law is written poorly. It does provide a legal loophole (in circumstance) in my opinion that could be exploited by a smart and attentive lawyer.
  8. I actually had a friend get brought to the ground and cuffed by force for a crime his twin brother committed. His brother is a fuck up and a drug-addict and he instantly knew why the cops were doing it to him, after it was over his parents threaten to sue the county if this ever happened again. He has been left alone since lol
  9. I also just realized i misspelled Descriptions in the thread title.... *SMH*
  10. Keep it on topic gentlemen. This isn't about whether New York City is a good city or bad. Or if to live there or not to.
  11. I wouldn't say it is complete "bullshit" nor "irrelevant". As Naught pointed out, it IS a side-effect for the NYPD because it puts restrictions on how there job is done. It puts them at a potential risk for law suits based on race/gender/religious profiling. If they say a Hispanic man, walking with a cane, and has a goatee, and a small scar above his left eye, looks to be mid 50s. They need that information to deductively reason on who they can call suspects or not. Anybody can change clothes, dye their hair, or shave. They need Race/Gender/and Age, to be a factor. Suggested Amendment 1. “[Racial or ethnic]Bias-based profiling” means an act of a member of the force of the police department or other law enforcement officer that relies on actual or perceived race, [ethnicity, religion or] national origin, color, creed, age, alienage or citizenship status, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or housing status as the determinative factor in initiating law enforcement action against an individual, rather than an individual’s behavior or other information or circumstances that links a person or persons [of a particular race, ethnicity, religion national origin] to suspected unlawful activity." If the police see somebody walking down the street, who matches the same; Gender,Race,Age,Disability, as the suspect but is wearing a different hoodie, it's saying that it is Biased to stop that person and ask questions. Because "Law Enforcement Action" can be as simple and legally "Justified" as stopping someone on the sidewalk to ask them some questions. Doesn't necessarily mean, cuffing and throwing them in the back of a NYPD black & white. EDIT: Grammar and Wording
  12. Exactly my point! It makes no sense! If i cant say a Latino, Female, tall, with an eye patch, and wearing a cross around her neck, and can only use superficial descriptions. How can the officers do their job?
  13. For the record: I do not live in New York City, but i am merely pointing this out because i have friends and family up in NYC. And also my fear of it spreading to other cities. But i do like Fighters' advice haha
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