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  1. Interesting escalation here,wow. "Despite the years Seabass has been at UO he has failed to change his in-game behaviour" I am interested to hear what negative in game behavior I have displayed. I have had 2 in game bans, Both for small infractions that were made while I was new to the server. Since those bans I have become a stable member of the primary. By stable I mean I am capable of and have lead from fire teams to company sized elements and have never been blacklisted or banned. From 2012 to late 2013 I only participated on server activities, Meaning I avoided drama and the barracks. I even applied to become a regular, granted the thread did not go very well but many users had good things to say about me. In 2014 I started hanging out in the barracks. Naturally I became a more vocal member of the community. I started to post in discussions and get involved with generic drama, as such users started to grow hostile toward me. This ban is obviously directed toward my forum behavior. "18 forum warnings." Looking at my 18 forum warnings one of which was for (Death/Mutilation/Obscene/Sexual) The other 17 where for "zero content" and "improper section" basically petty jokes and gifs. The problem with these warnings is never once was I told what deemed a warning. After a few I was put on "probation". Whenever I talked to impulse or any other forum moderator it was always a laughable instance and never really taken seriously. To me it was just a way of saying "we have to but whatever, here is a little message" . My recent post was directly responsible for this ban, without my last post i'm sure this ban would have never happened and I would continue to receive forum warnings into oblivion. My recent post was a meme directed at the Acre mod. Why would I do this? It all started one day after "The gulag" beat the "Lovecave" in a match of Wargame. The gulag won the game and afterwards I poked a member of the Acre development team who happened to be playing with the message "gg". He responded "meh, you're banned anyways, along with anyone else hanging out in that channel". After that instance I became hated by the Acre team and they publicly posted about banning me in skype. As you can imagine I responded with jokes and "memes" like the recent one. So I guess I'm getting permed because I posted some memes. If that is the attitude of the server then I don't want to play here anymore. To me this seems extreme and not just. Wouldn't it be more effective to put me on a permanent forum probation instead. @J.B. Looking at my warnings and bans none are associated with you in any way, you are writing a ban about a situation you do not understand. Further more you have no evidence and are pulling the 4.1.2. Non-regulars are gifted with but not guaranteed due process, protection of the Charter or Standard Operating Procedures. Non-regulars are guests who may be removed by the summary justice of other Regulars and overseeing Officers of respective areas if there are blatant violations of the Charter rules, Standard Operating Procedures or other clearly demonstrable reason. Blatant offenders may be summarily banned or otherwise disciplined without guaranteed instrument of redress. Summary instances of justice may be contested and overturned by a standard operation. These operations function as defined in section 2.0 of the charter. 2.2.1 - Personnel Removal Operations are Standard Operations that last for two (2) weeks and require a two-third (2/3) majority. I see no blatant violations of the charter. Anyone can pile up old bans and gif reports and make a stupid ass ban. J.B. since you have no concrete evidence or personal relationship to the ban let the server decide. Put up a poll. If the server decides I'm not fit to play here then I will happily leave and not waste anyone's time. If this is goodbye for me I would like to thank Impulse and all there other staff that don't just play with Zeus during missions and all the members that made this so fun. In the three years that I have been here you guys have given me a great time, lots of memories were made on the server.
  2. Canada has some sick commercials but something is missing from this thread. Freedom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBHt_gu6ZzQ
  3. I have created a few terrains and seem to have an understanding of how object placement works. Objects are taken from the P drive after running various programs that extract Arma 3's data to the drive. Once the terrain is complete it is packed into a addon. If any additional objects are placed on the map not from the base Arma 3 data then another addon is required that contains those files. As it currently stands the Arma 2 assets are from the All in Arma pack, for this reason I do not see this as possible. X-Cam most likely contains a few additional addons for the Arma 2 content. The script that allows you to place the Arma 3/2 objects in the 2d editor is written for its own addon and not the All in Arma pack. You could probably isolate the script and rewrite it for the AIA pack but that would be very difficult.
  4. I played the wargame campaign one time. The ai piled into a corner and wouldn't move. I dropped napalm on them and watched them burn.
  5. I liked this mission. Sides were balanced for the most part. In real war you don't always know where the enemy is and sometimes you walk into each other.
  6. I need to look at http://www.reddit.com/r/montageparodies/ so I don't enter a steep coma from what I just watched.
  7. They make you sub even with the free 30 days.
  8. Its not free to play. Its buy to play. You need to buy the game at least once to play it.
  9. Since its going buy to play I bought it while it was cheap on Amazon. Its ok.
  10. Player: Kevin Length: 48 hours A3 PID: cad5e781b67752c6769684768e571c8d TS3 ID: o3UXxn7aeL7wK4hgmyhmaPc4t0c= Reason: Harassment Processor: Overlord Kevin has been exceptionally hostile in the past few days. He Repeatedly threatens death and tells myself to commit suicide. When asked to stop poking me he continued. He changed his channel name to "excommunicate seabass". Kevin often discuss's users family and makes hostile jokes. Kevin has not learned from his previous bans that his hostile attitude is not accepted. This behavior has been consistent over the past few years. He has no respect for the playerbase whatsoever. Previous bans: http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/23762-ban-kevin-squeakers/ http://forums.united...akers/?hl=kevin http://forums.united...akers/?hl=kevin http://forums.united...akers/?hl=kevin http://forums.united...akers/?hl=kevin http://forums.united...akers/?hl=kevin http://forums.united...kevin/?hl=kevin
  11. By limiting to donators and community veterans you could eliminate trolls. Letting members vote would technically appeal to more of the server, thus making more members happy. I'm not saying regulars are not fit to vote.
  12. Gents, Always wondered what this would be like. What do you guys think? Maybe members that are donators or have been at the community for a certain amount of time.
  13. Elite and I cannot connect. "Join Failed! timeout while establishing connection"
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