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  1. Been away for a while and itching to get. Loved the old Tac Tuesdays and looking forward to it again!!
  2. Sign me up. I've been working weekends lately and haven't been able to get on as much so I'm looking forward to this.
  3. From what I saw, in it's first pass, the Hind destroyed 2 HMMWVs and the AA team. Then turned and promptly destroyed our platoon in the patch of forest we were hiding in.
  4. Was good seeing you on the server today, welcome back bud.
  5. Im up for it, just got the game last week and have enjoyed it so far. Should be fun to fly with others
  6. It would be better if you had to sling your rifle before scaling a wall.
  7. I usually don't get into conversations like this with people on the internet because they usually go nowhere. I just wanted to point out that criminals don't follow the law. They couldn't care less if you ban guns. They will still have guns of all shapes and sizes through illegal means. The only people a gun ban effects is honest law abiding citizens. Also a quick search of "Concealed Carry Owner Crime" will lead you to countless stories that never make the evening news about why it is beneficial to have responsible citizens armed.
  8. man, I cant wait for these next gen engines to be coming out. The future of gaming looks so awesome
  9. Nice Im also looking forward to people returning to A3
  10. I have faith in the Arma modding community to enhance this already awesome game
  11. They break for me but the deflection of the rounds makes it impossible to hit anything, even after they are broken.
  12. I am a big fan of MSO and am really looking forward to this. One question, How long would an MSO session be running for? Would we be able to keep the server up for a few days or a week with no interruption?
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