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  1. I have limited real army experience, but in the little that I have I've seen a stoner do a negligent discharge. Something that is no fun at all in real life. It was luckily blank ammo. That said, I'm all for legalization - It means you can tax and regulate it, and that you don't need mafia, bikers or hoodlums pushing all sort of crap on the streets and fight over territory. Also, if I were high or drunk I wouldn't waste others time by logging on intoxicated and ruin their fun.
  2. I do this on the briefing screen using vehicle chat (as no one is in a vehicle during briefing). I am still wondering if direct communication does the same.
  3. Was a great course. Learned a lot. I SURE HOPE TEAM AND SQUADLEADERS WILL START USE WEDGE MORE - is my afterthought.
  4. Oh yeah, the terminator AI was incredible! Only way to top that would've been if he had walked out of the GBU explosions which GodHand brought down upon him with all his flesh blown off showing his metal frame skeleton, carrying an AR in each hand blasting fire left and right
  5. You did well! And seems like you have the radio procedures down. Besides, it's not shame to be a bit wobbly with the chinook in the beginning, it is a rather heavy chopper which takes a few seconds to react. It was super fun though, a great map to fly on as the whole base seems more realistic (wouldn't know though).
  6. I don't know a word of Serbian though
  7. I can confirm Justin Credible's testimony.
  8. Welcome to UO. You do a great jet engine impersonation.
  9. I believe I saw you ingame yesterday when we got gunned down during the "zerg rush" TvT. Welcome aboard.
  10. General_J0ker is super nice. He gave me a crash course in emergency landing choppers just yesterday. Looking forward to play with you.
  11. Welcome to the UO community SixthGear.
  12. His own avatar isn't too great either so no sweat
  13. Six Updater (SU) is not for the faint of heart. I only use it for keeping my mods in place, but it is also possible to launch each preset from SU.
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