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  1. In for A-10C. Gonna see how much metal I can lose on this thing before I crash...
  2. And another last minute change. Can't make it. :-( Might pop up in an hour or so.
  3. 1. Ok, sorry about that. Just figured I'd deslot after confirmation that it wasn't ok. 2. It looked like there were a lot more Opfor than Blufor, so I'm not sure about what you mean, unless it was supposed to be 2:1 or something. Will keep a better eye on that. 3. Didn't ignore you; just didn't see you. Perhaps a poke next time? Sorry, I'll keep a better eye out. Just didn't expect anything on global because usually nobody uses it in game.
  4. Per the ban format: "15 Minute - This is the Default Regular Ban/Simple Disruption". I would argue that this is the most accurate description of the offense. I didn't interfere with anyone nor did I take any chopper for a joy ride. I had enough time to turn the power up on my handheld LR, listen to static, walk to the chopper and get in, and then try to pull up the rack radio. As you may notice in the transcript, this was about 38 seconds before I was banned. Please, give a guy a break. I didn't notice the global chat. I was more focused on trying to make contact with command.
  5. Once again, wouldn't this be a minor ban at most? I didn't see anything on global as I had just entered in. I didn't go flying anywhere. I was just sitting on the ground about to try to make contact on the rack radio. 24hr ban seems to be, according to the ban list, reserved for much greater infractions. I didn't disrupt the game at all. You were perhaps a little too quick on the draw for banning. Couldn't you have poked my TS?
  6. BTW, wouldn't this technically be a 15 minute ban tops if any?
  7. I don't think a ban is appropriate unless I'm ignorant of some rule. I JIPed in to the game and slotted as a pilot. I was going to ask if it was ok to JIP in to that slot but had a lot of static on the handheld long-range so I jumped into the chopper to use the rack radio. I didn't spool up or anything. I was in the game for less than 30 seconds when I was banned. I didn't receive any message. It's possible there was something on side or global, but I didn't notice it. If contact was made over the radio, it had too much static to understand. This seems like it should have just been a kicking offense at most. Banning seems a bit extreme for someone who has been an active player for at least a couple of months and has never crossed the server in a bad way.
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