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  1. CO56 CivilDefence V1
  2. CO55 swanchase V1c
  3. spec is terrible please update to EG, all AI are running everywhere like retards
  4. fixed and uploaded P.S damn pook camonets
  5. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/tvt40-im-the-captain-now-v3-r1038? incorrect player count
  6. Corax


    As per Forum SOP's: 7.1 - Works and content submitted by way of posting, submission, uploads, missions, and custom addons, become the works and property of UnitedOperations.net. its UO's now.
  7. it's not, this was clickbait.
  8. everything is supposed to be on the the standardised 0-99 matrix (which is n-n-l) now. should be on battlebox somewhere on Defgateway. Are you using l-n-n as conversion version of the 0-99 matrix or just keeping the old 0-40 in your unit pub
  9. yeah it changed allot it's now number-number-letter (company-platoon-plt element) starting at A-H sequentially also RadOp takes his team's pure callsign so 21 would be 2 second company 1 pl HQ, and pl commander would be 21A with pl sgt being 21B
  10. well comsig is a bit weird now because it changed in recent times so do you want the new one or the one used in the 2000's and early to mid 2010's
  11. On snipers. Have been privy to snipers being used in attacks firing from less than a km away, After observing us for a couple of days. great for fucking up anything on a roof as we found out. Recce patrol and CTR are core skills used in the find phase of a platoon operation. Even reserve infantry do recce cadre. MFC's have a permanent place in an inf COY as the [1..4]5A/B calsigns to do just this scenario, JTAC is normally only used if there is need for his extra skills. EG you will be given mortars on call and the MFC given to you as an att and thats what you'd RFI for also.
  12. 2 PWRR definitely has snipers in the Btn. All sections "should" have recce patrol training including CTR. Normally at Plt level for calling Btn mortars you would get a mortar fire controller (MFC) not a JTAC or FO/O because they are important people and MFC's are organic to the COY. MFC's assist the Plt Commander in his application of the mortars and can also call them in for him.
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