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  1. Lots of freedom on that parking lot now. ^^
  2. I'm gonna have to change mine to out. I'm completely trashed, and starting at 2100 hours is too late for me right now.
  3. In for Mig-21....hopefully I can remember how to use it. XD
  4. Cruiser

    UOAF - DCS 10 - 1800z

    Tentative in. Viggen preferred. *Edit* Switching to out because of low attendance. Watching the F-14 stream instead.
  5. Sounds like a shitty situation to be in.
  6. In Viggen.
  7. The blue side seems pretty heavy already, but I'm interested. I can do the Hornet, Mirage or Viggen.
  8. Damn. Gonna have to change mine to out. Not home that day.
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