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  1. Permaban me, I'm done with the community and this game.
  2. Is the thing about the Skinnerian method of training soldiers at least true? I mostly believe that it is true that forcing a soldier to act more on reflex than thought helps prevent hesitation.
  3. How true is all of this? I am curious if the stats/facts are true about WWII.
  4. It is some time in the distant future. Virtual reality gear no longer costs thousands of dollars. https://youtu.be/NR5jorWg5L8?t=2m59s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbNqjOXxNCs Anyone played this?
  5. Just found this today and couldn't stop laughing from it. What does UO think of this?
  6. Definitely see this happening on missions with the useless grunts and pissed off squad leaders. User received a warning point for this post.
  7. Can you feel it? THE KILLER GROOVE. Most ace combat soundtracks. Above 2 for nostalgia. When life gets you down.
  8. Found this online, thought it was very appropriate to post on UO.
  9. An updated video has been put up. I am not going to post the video on the Off-topic forums as I'm tired of getting put into prohibition thanks to the Off-topic forums being pozzed by such rigorous rules. You can find the video yourself with the keywords, "FBI agents under investigation for possible misconduct in LaVoy Finicum shooting" or "Oregon Investigators Release New Video of Finicum Shooting". It is with the perspective being inside the car from before, during, and after the shooting whilst playing side by side with the helicopter footage. There a couple things that really shock me about this event. That the authorities would continue to open fire onto the vehicle while they haven't received any fire. That the authorities had multiple opportunities to peacefully detain these people and kept open firing. The fact that they were pulled over by one of the police while being compliant, but got tired of waiting which led them to drive into a kill zone. This reminds me of Ruby Ridge.
  10. In this thread we post US presidential race memes. That's all I have for now, I couldn't find the other 2 that I was looking for.
  11. Name: DrPastah Class Requested: Platoon leadership
  12. He was reaching for his chest as he got shot.
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