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  1. I would love to have a UO group in Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars. I think since its such a tactical game a lot of UO players would have a lot of fun playing it. If anyone is alreay joined a group or UO already has a group I definately want to join.
  2. So any tips on best ARMA3 video settings? (ie antilasing on/off etc) got 2 Radeon HD 5700 crossfired.
  3. The site is back up? Its still sending me error messages, sent an e-mail to BIS... waiting for reply. E-mail confirmation link for download still down.
  4. Still Having Problems, e-mail link keeps sending me to a error screen.
  5. Flight, no flight. Buggy, no buggy. Alpha, no alpha...All I care about is how to purchase, where to purchase, and that UO will have a server dedicated to it. As with any game, moding it to ACE ACRE willl eventually happen one way or another. More maps, more content, all will eventually happen. I honestly dont give a crap, I have faith in this, so I am going to purchase the game, through UO to support UO, and find a server to play on (hopefully UO). Until ACE ACRE is ironed out, I will adapt as things progress. Thats one of my special loves about this game, the changes that can and are made to it. Its poetry in motion. Im only glad to have found a game that lets me play 1st person shooter in a tactial way, otherwise I'd be stuck with COD or Battlefield. SO happy happy joy joy for me! Cause Im still getting it too. Plus Im really looking forward to shooting my own foot off in the new "reverse prone position".
  6. Im banning myself for 6 hrs for my grenade accident.
  7. Name: Stewart Courses: Famil, FTOC Interested in Leadership?: Yes.. If yes what level?: Fireteam for now, but would like to move up eventually
  8. I would like to Attend. Some info please. How long is the course? and on what training server so I can make sure everything is updated?
  9. Donated $50 through the link you guys have, dont have paypal, but used my credit card, it worked fine and was automatically added to the server cause. I think you guys did a fine job with the donate link
  10. I discovered that Marvin, when I opted to be a stryker commander. I was on the map so much, I failed to pay attention to manning the gun. It didnt cause any problems, other than a slight FF issue, but I remember wondering why the commander needed to man the only gun when he was buried in the maps and comms.
  11. ty Regulars, and .... it is in the brief??? lol
  12. Im having a very good time Jackson. Even if I do nothing but run around with a commander, never firing a shot, I am really just impressed all to shit, and having a good time in the missions. <Inkompetent I have read them already, watched multiple vids on you tube already. Never thought of asking individuals for help on the training courses, great idea. TY
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