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  1. Hello strangers and thanks for congratulating, hopefully see you around!
  2. Hello my old comrades and all new UO members that have joined since I became inactive, some of you may still know me and some of you probably never heard of me. Regardless, I have sorted real life out, my back then (when I was still active) girlfriend is now my wife and we now have a beautiful 1 year old daughter. After reading through the forums a bit, I understand a lot has changed, but am glad to see that Impulse and all the other "now" officers have kept up the spirit and maintained UO's standards! I have just purchased Arma 3 and am just finding my way into it so it will probably be another week or so until you can see me actively participating on the primary server and hopping around teamspeak, but I thought it would be worth saying hello already. Anyways, see you around!
  3. Any of the officers are fine, does not have to be Impulse. Obviously it is totally up to them if they want to give that information to you. azzwort Boondocksaint Famine Impulse 9 Marvin Slaughter TinfoilHate Good Luck.
  4. The only option is ask an Officer (TS Admin) to find your name in the client list, it will tell them when you first joined teamspeak. I believe there is some decrease in reliability though if you have since then created a new TS User ID (TS Profile).
  5. Godhand has the background, he has the experience and he always does an excellent job teaching and I am more than sure, you and zumorc will do just fine collaborating. Yes.
  6. Get a little more involved in the policy discussions on the forums, as soon as I will see some more activity there, you will certainly get a yes from me. Until then, I am going to abstain.
  7. Yes, Haribo will make a great Regular.
  8. Zumorc is very hard working and has had intentions to change the way UOTC works for a while. On top of his intentions he is also bringing a high level of competence, experience and also activity. If I had to think of someone to step in and take over the training office, it would most definitely be zumorc. When I was training officer, zumorc has assisted me in many things, ranging from ts queries, over to dealing with enquiries via pm, covering last minute instructor absences and working on bigger projects, such as the latest, the CRSDOC team. I fully trust zumorc with the office and I am very sure he will make the best out of its current state.
  9. Albatross would make a great regular. Yes.
  10. I can confirm that. Assigning a single student his tags will take approximately 8 seconds, multiply that by 30 and you will have 210 seconds which equals to 3 minutes and 30 seconds for an entire course of 30 students.
  11. Player: Salt Siget A2 PID: N/A TS3 ID: Tye7szkcchJWAvO1xQEe/pi+EVw= Length: Permanent Reason: Mic spam reported by J.B.
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