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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5JCp2Hd5L8 Peace out AC.
  2. Name: Andre What positions are you qualified for and willing to take? In order of preference: Fixed wing CAS, rotary wing CAS, armor PL, infantry PL, logistics PL(or section lead), unconventional warfare team/section lead, tank commander, IFV commander, infantry section leader, victor gunner My 'official' qualifications are almost all available UOTC courses excluding mortar/arty related ones, which probably makes me best suited for tasks that require in-depth soldiering skills (SOF comes to mind). I have taken both incomplete platoon leading courses offered by Godhand 2-5 and Jackson. For CAS I am willing to provide references if unable to recognize me from server play. Do you have any interest in participating as event staff? Yes
  3. Oops , I slipped. The book I'm reading now is mostly about Afghanistan and the Taliban.
  4. Favorite that I have actually used: MP5
  5. Remember that scene in Generation Kill where an F-18 flew really low along a river bank as the Marines assaulted a city? That really happened. Nate Fick described it in his book as a method of intimidation, but it didn't work in that scenario as the Taliban didn't give a fuck and started shooting their AKs at the plane, even scoring a few hits.
  6. Jones, you are a dependable and skilled player and you are missed. Hope everything turns out for the best.
  7. Damn, why all that effort for a non-functioning radar? Is it for roleplay purposes? A working MEADS/PATRIOT/THAAD system would make for AWESOME tactical scenarios where the consequences of success and failure are more than abstract or hypothetical.
  8. About time IMO. I bet the Navy is especially happy to get rid of their hideous working uniforms.
  9. No reason in particular. I have the recommended skills for the Dominix as well, but ship-of-the-line combat didn't really seem appealing to me. I guess I like the idea of gathering intel without being seen, and being able to escape if the situation deteriorates.
  10. Hey guys. I've been a member of the UO corp since its inception but I don't really play much Eve. Still, I've got enough ISK to float me for a good while, and I'm still accumulating skill points even though I go days without logging in. Within a week or two I'll have completed the recommended skillset for the Helios, a ship that is supposed to be good at reconnaissance/blockade running. Problem is that while I have ISK, the ship, and the skills, I lack actual knowledge to employ a fitted Helios. I want to contribute to the corp, so I humbly ask for advice on how to fit my Helios. I know there's google, but anything I can scrounge up is years old and somewhat inconclusive, so I would prefer to listen to what active players have to say about the subject.
  11. AH-64 companies typically have an aeroscout platoon that is, unsurprisingly, tasked with scouting. http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/army/unit/toe/01387A200.htm
  12. You can't occupy a country, much less suppress a population, by only using such technology. We learned as much in Iraq and continue to learn in Afghanistan. I'm not saying a scenario of US government vs US population is likely or even feasible, but for the sake of mental exercise, if it DID happen, the government would need boots on the ground making their presence known. They would need to kick down doors and at the same time attempt at amiable relations with community leaders. Needless to say, doing as much would be much simpler if the odds of encountering a gun behind every door weren't so high. Disarming a population for tyrannical purposes isn't a new idea.
  13. In-game Name: Andre Do you want to lead?: Yes Q.C.C.: Have many UOTC qualifications and experience on the primary. My skills are especially developed in regards to fixed and rotary-wing CAS.
  14. Where do you guys buy your model kits?
  15. In-game name: Andre Do you want to Lead? Y Q.C.C.: I am a proficient CAS and utility pilot. Regular?: N
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