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  1. I have. Will play.
  2. Player: Killian (KFDGamingYT) A3 PID: Unknown. TS3 ID: TS3ID; MMKX+Jurjon9Nm1rs/zGgOiArg4= Length: Permanent Reason: User is underage (14?) and persistently messaging users at random on TS3. Is not taking advice when it is given. Simple disruption/failure to adapt. Charter 1.1 violations. 4.1.2. Processor: ThePieSpy Reccomend user sits out until of age and of the appropriate maturity.
  3. I don't think this user is a good fit for regular. When regulars and officers are raising questions of maturity and professionalism, I'd expect to be looking at the profile of a younger user who had been here for a longer period of time. I await being shown that old dogs can learn new tricks.
  4. Filed As Per SOP How Copy Roger Roger Shot Over, Out.
  5. Yes. Pope is a shoe-in and his charisma might help some more web-dev inclined fools webshits developers bear the cross that is UO's Forum software.
  6. Sacher is a real salt of the earth Arma 3 player and exactly the sort of person you would have found being polled back in the day. Deeply knowledgable and extremely passionate about the community, he will be a model regular.
  7. I can't vote in favor of this user with a clear conscience. I don't know how anyone could, with the exception of users who don't play A3 and therefore aren't impacted by persistent verbal disruption and past major disruptions.
  8. Yes: Blackhawk has the technical competencies required for this role.
  9. FK guys were cool. The following video is the proudest I've ever been of a subordinate of mine at UO. Great work, Zenthar. Special shout-outs to Scharrk's prowess on the TOW amid my frantic commentary and Kingslayer's ever-gracious attitude when I got us all killed. I hope FK come and play again. Those of them I spoke to personally were laid back but didn't begrudge anyone for taking the game seriously. Great bunch of lads.
  10. also hind-d is totally broken, gives config error on entering gunner view, radio rack was questionable.
  11. This user has a long history of personal attacks against myself and other members of this community. He has shown no remorse or remit in this regard since returning. Immediately after his reappearance he resumed petty, needless and unwanted snipes against me personally. Taking a leave of absence is not grounds for absolution. I urge people to think over this user's past actions and ask; does this user consistently behave in accordance with the UO charter? I for one will be watching his behaviour, on the sever and otherwise, with a critical eye.
  12. HELP! I'm being oppressed! This user is feeling particularly oppressed right now, perhaps you should comfort them.
  13. Can I have direct access to this Cougar? For science.
  14. Aren't you permabanned? I thought you were Shrek's roommate. this is a meme
  15. I just live with the guy. Can you kindly not drag my name through the mud without reason, given the propensity for this community to jump to guilt by association. Allow me to risk my relationship with the user next door once again to defend myself. When I found out that a permabanned user was at UO again, I reported it to Impulse, poking him on TS and messaging him on steam: IIRC, the conversation we had on Steam boiled down to [KmO is putting himself in harm's way by doing this.] Again, this is not meant to be a complaint regarding Impulse and I think that the way this has been handled was in everyone's best interests. It does however call into question pinning him with the blame - especially considering that Whitehead hardly needs help to download and install ArmA 3 and log into the server on an alt. >responding to pax'jerome's bait at all. >ever
  16. I am reporting here that shouldersurfing KmO occasionally is not the same as me having Direct Access to KmO's account or the regular forums. This can be verified :- KmO browses using Opera/Chrome, I exclusively use Firefox/Waterfox. Hearing information about what goes on in the regular forum is essentially open to any member at the community who befriends a Regular. It is within the power of WSOs to verify the claims above, as user agent and login sessions can be correlated. Yes, I live in the same building and on the same internet connection as this User.
  17. I did indeed help pen that poll at the request of the Regular who posted it, primarily by searching for logs on Skype & the game server. In my opinion, the accusations of metagaming and use of GM tools in TVT missions were tantamount to cheating and represented the bulk of my personal complaint against Overlord. In short, I wrote part of it and it's a shame that ultimately so much was lumped in together that a few of the valid points raised were ignored to focus on ancillary issues. The focus of game server administration should be to provide the best possible experience for the most possible people. I'd like to see an environment in which we had a voting mission in use, because occasionally administrators misjudge the feelings of the server and catch flak that they really don't deserver. I'm not saying we should have a Tyranny of the Majority on the server, just that the ability to offer a choice to players should exist as it happily did way back in ArmA 2. I forget the exact locations but there are still malformed charter sections. The charter must be scrutinized and streamlined, which is a sentiment shared by a number of Officers, to my knowledge. This is not untrue and I am quoting it for my own benefit here.
  18. Yeah. I only recently saw his post and was reminded of the situation. I meant to apologise but Overlord had already announced his LOA when I saw it. Feelings were running high at the time and it's not something I'd do in the future. The feedback is much appreciated - aside from that thread and regular polls, getting feedback out of regulars who say no is a struggle sometimes.
  19. That is the exact polar opposite of what I wrote in my post, Herbiie.
  20. Since last month, I have penned a poll to update the charter (and intend to create similar modifications in the near future), and I have provided some quite significant support to Zumorc & WA Lancer's Roche island project. I won't claim to have become a new man in the past 4 weeks, but I'm trying to show that I'm committed to this community's success and future.
  21. Might as well address problem mission makers directly, in my opinion, but otherwise, quality post, I'll double-check things in my missions in future.
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