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  1. I may in the future have a deaf family member that wants to play with me on here.. So.. uhm yeah.. how about that?
  2. Anyone else upset about the fact you can stand in the control tower and the glass doesn't break no matter what. You can set the field up with 300 baddies and stand up and they can't hit you through a window!
  3. i'm sorry but if your that much of a nerd and want to do that shit why not just join up? Also where the fuck do they get the buildings? I have real firearms and I can't even find kill houses like that unless I go to my private club in vegas.
  4. I picked her up a few weeks ago. Nice to own an FAL again. Got it for a steal too $1500 it's a DSA with a free floating barrel
  5. I never said "ok" and just left to primary. We both agreed I made a mistake and he told me it was over and not to worry about it. That's why I'm upset over this. I didn't have any other option when I jipped to take a chopper and land it by the AO because no active choppers were avail. The main pilot landed at the main AO was out of radio range and was out of the chopper goofing around. My only other option was to quit the game but I wanted to play 1 more game before bed.
  6. I replyed OK after he said it was cool..
  7. Chopper on mission was landed/off no way to get to them. Out of radio range. Took littlebird landed it and then it blew up because I landed too hard. I was told by kalohepirate that he understood and the issue was dropped. So why the ban ? So much for being honest
  8. So as you all know I was recently banned.. I'm not here to complain about it I'm trying to discuss bans and my feels and I feel my ban is a topic needing discussed because of the way the issue was handled. I first heard someone was going to be banned for using the HUMV and I spoke up and said I had used it and here's what happened: I was just banned for using a HUMV. Heck I for whatever reason re-spawned at base with another guy.. We didn't have comms and I had no clue if my squad was over run or what. So we jumped in the humv and drove back to the AO where we were taking fire. We found no one at said location and moved forward taking lots of fire and returned it. I was banned for taking the HUMV. I had no way to ask if I could take it or not. I don't think my ban was fair. Now should I of been banned for "metagaming". Hell I'm so old back in the day we didn't even have such a term so pardon me if I roll my eyes at that! All my "metagaming" consisted of saying was I got messed up on this map last time and maybe we should attack from the north. I'm tired of getting banned for things. If someone has a problem they should speak to the person about it. If that person doesn't stop then they deserve a ban. To me a person that can't just talk to a person before issuing a ban lacks a spine. My wife actually spoke up on my ban. She was so shocked that I got banned for something so petty and told me I should go play else where. I'm almost to that point but I'm giving it another go. All these bans for minor things need to stop! If a person does something talk to them for god sake. Aren't we all adults for the most part here ?
  9. I didn't ask to play police backup. I asked to play a PDW mission. I couldn't remember the mission name that had that map. If I'd know I would of said "oh god not this one" because with as little of a group that we had we couldn't win it. I was told not to "meta game" which from a old school gamer like myself I didn't even know the term until I got on UO. I don't feel I was meta gaming by saying we attack from the north and not the south. .. I did not say nor do anything againt UO rules that I know of because I've been VERY careful not to get banned again. Frankly I'm about to leave because of the ban hammer around here. It's so sad that your banned without first being talked to. I had to go because I was sick and had a fever. I've been bed ridden for days and needed something to do and missed my UO buddies so I got on and played two games. I never once did anything that
  10. Ps. I forgot to add when we respawned we respawned at base . Hopefully the log will show this!! that is why i had a humv
  11. What the hell.. I poked him and explained that we had respawned in the mission and we looking for our troops which scattered though out and when we couldn't find them we did a few gun runs with the HUMV . I litterally ran up to where my group had been and began moving and my gunner shooting so we didn't get hit while we looked. I was not ramboing!
  12. Well because I posted a link I got temp banned. Where do you play until your ban is removed? I not sure where to go tonight and I miss my UO friends!
  13. I'm sorry I did not know I couldn't post that. I thought this was an adult only game server. The game it's self is listed as an adult game. If I had known the rule I would not of done that but I was laughing with my friend about it and posted the video for them to see.
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