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  1. Player: Leon Rethil A2 PID: 3d4191465662d69963d1e08370f8b75c(OK) TS3 ID: MpK4oZR5dSiekqSLUEqN7yJmnKs= Length: 1 Week (Until 2012/09/08/09:00Z) 1 month permanent Reason: Disobeying squad leader, derping, putting teammates at risk for no reason. (+ Liking Hitler, among other things) I was banned around six months ago, I believe in the time spent banned I have learned to keep my humor to myself. I wish to at least have a poll put for me. This is in the past, things have changed and I've improved my attitude. Most people remember this post in particular: http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/13664-unban-jake It's the original appeal I made. Others won't remember at all, either way, I made a terrible first impression on a this server. I want to change that if I am allowed to be unbanned. Thank you for your time.
  2. If people are just banned from the forums and not the game there is going to be a lot of people complaining about fighting others in the forums, but being a team player in game, Spencer being an example of this.
  3. Warrior, are the personal attacks really necessary?
  4. I must say, I do feel bad for Ando, It's very difficult to get out of the mind set of Perfect Soldier + Ultra Nationalism, I've seen others very similar in mindset. He is so Anti-American, yet he acts like a Generic USA IS BEST Nationalist. He actually believes everyone wants to be like him, when in reality, no one cares. People care about what you show and display, you have displayed a warped sense of reality. This is painful to see, the deep level of mind warping that is displayed in your dialect. This is the same rhetoric that Andrew Breivik followed, and he isn't what I would call a Model Citizen. Ando, You should look at everything you have said, and what others have said. I personally believe your ban would have been overturned by a majority, had you not decided to keep personally attacking everyone and bragging about your military background. With what has been said in this thread, this isn't just an online issue; It seems to be a lifestyle issue, the rhetoric that you seem to follow is directly related to Siol nan Gaidheal's party rhetoric: Anti-Communist, War-mongering, and ultra nationalistic. This is ridiculous, being proud to have served is one thing, hell, being a patriot is fine. However; when you get to the point of practically acting as though you were bred to be a war machine you lose touch with reality. As Cro said previously your country has a dark past as well, Great Britain isn't a golden country. I feel that you have made more people leave then you have "Improved" the community as you said yourself. Looking in the past, you were in the military, yet you believe everyone needs to be infantry? You also seem to believe that you can "Punch a platoon leader in the cunt" if he gives you orders you don't like? Yet you are so delusional that you admit you care more for your military career than your own family? So, If you do end up punching a PL in the cunt, and get discharged, what are you going to do? Fight the fact that you "Punched him in the cunt because he didn't talk to me nicely"? That doesn't seem like a solid argument. And for reference, Britain's military commits war crimes aswell. (http://www.britisharmykillings.org.uk/page/113/The-Issuess)
  5. I do not want to be unbanned right away, I am well aware that that isn't a possibility. I would prefer to have my ban reduced to a total of 3 months, that's optimal though, I should have specified that being auto-unbanned from perm wasn't what I wanted, I just want to have a reduction, I deserve what I was given in terms of length, but I would hope for a reduction in sentence.
  6. fixed. also, Gonna google search portions of my little paragraph, let's see what comes up
  7. Is this good enough? Gonna Google reverse image search it What about Tinyeye, let's do that aswell, and aren't those babies cute And by your own logic ZZEZ, ACUs are sold by Amazon, Captain pins are sold by a military reenactment website, along with patches and medals, I could google search these things and have them delivered, But it proves nothing.
  8. Thank you Thawk, I'm sorry, I did not mean to respond in such anger, I should have just cleared them up instead of shroud myself.
  9. It's the fact that I feel as though he wants "Proof" Just so he can defame me in some way. It's my decision to keep my professional life outside of my internet life I plan to keep it that way for my own reasons. you can believe what you want, I really can't say it is going to sway me. And What do you mean Saying my Job? O-3 my last billet was S-2, I was a 12B When I served in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Iraq I was part of the 3rd Cavalry, 3rd Stryker Brigade 18th Engineer, finished a 15 month deployment, went home for a month and redeployed with the 1st Infantry in OIFII. After I was wounded in combat I returned home a month early from my second 15Month Tour of Iraq, I redeployed again to Afghanistan from 2008 to 2010 before I was given the chance to go through OCS, I was working in the 309th MI until I requested a leave of absence a few months ago. Edit: 12B E8 (EOD or Explosive Ordnance Clearance Agent) Should have added that but didn't thing to do it.
  10. ETW is way too buggy for my taste. I can barely read the text on 1920x1080 and It's very un optimized, I personally like Napoleon TW and Shogun 2 more then ETW, It just seemed rushed.
  11. I am currently in the Military as per ZZEZ is correct, And No ZZEZ, I'm not going to put my job in danger to prove anything to you.
  12. Might want to check the view distance in ACE, It's auto defaulted to 5 KM which can be lowered to 2 or 3 and you should get a big FPS boost. Otherwise, upgrading your PC would help a lot, for example , 6 Gig of RAM, a 1 gig G-Card, and a 4 core processor would give you a well refined machine that will run ACE/Arma 2. Then again, You really should be looking towards Arma 3 for your PC requirements and not 2. And ARMA 2 through a RAM disk will not get you an amazing performance increase, Also, 1920x1080 is a lot of pixels to render, Might want to lower that for better FPS.
  13. Thank you for this I deserve it.
  14. Hello, fellow users, I would like to publicly apologize to everyone who I have wronged. I came to this community a month and a half ago to play Military RP and make friends, I ruined that for myself with my misplaced comedy and screwing around when it was domi / ~20 players. I wronged some of you by doing this and now realize how I should have conducted myself, and that what I did was wrong. ZZEZ, after I made the comments and realized you're Jewish I felt sickened by my own cruel idiotic jokes about such a hard topic. I realize that now. After a month of not being able to play with any of you I realize what I was given and what I threw out. I screwed up I admit what I did was not positive in any way it did not benefit the community. I admit that when I was perma'd I started posting shit-posts in my ban because I was aggravated at what I at the time thought was bullshit, I realize now that It was justified for my behavior. I want to help and aid instead of hinder progress. Once again, To everyone I have wronged, I am sorry. If I am allowed to return I will do whatever I can to show that I have changed my ways. I will not continue the behavior that winded me up in this hole to begin with. I will not hide what I did, I will not offend others in this topic, The criticism I receive negative or positive is because of my actions, No one else.
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